Predictive Dialer How do I set up a wait for agent or abandonment message

Watch the short video below for an overview, then continue to the step by step instructions below.

The Waite for Agent or Abandonment Message is used to play callers a pre defined message if no agent is available to take their call. This functionality works with our Inbound DID Click Hear to learn more in which callers can call back an assigned DID which rings back into the dialer. If no agents are available say after hours or they are all busy the system can play your pre recorded message instructing callers to call back.
 Click on the Campaigns Tab

 Click on the speaker icon of the campaign you are setting up

 Choose "Add a Sound File" (at the bottom)

 Name the recording (description optional) 

 Record your Abandonment message by having our system call you or upload your own pre recorded .wav file (if your pre-recorded file is in a format other than .wav you can use this easy online file converter to convert it.  
You can also download a generic abandonment message by clicking here 

 Click "Add Sound"

 Now set the default "Abandonment Message"
 Click the blue like that says "Set as Abandon Message" 
 Click "Copy Sounds Files to Campaign"

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