Simple Messaging Solution

InterCloud9s Simple Messaging Solution is an all-in-one cloud based contact management and bulk messaging solution. Stay in constant contact with your customers through Text Messages, Ringless Voicemail Drops and our Interactive Voice Response system IVR. Easily schedule automated follow up tasks with pre templated text and voice messages, update your contacts file with notes and attach files all while seeing a complete contact log history through our Integrated CMS - Contact Management Solution. Streamline your response time with an integrated web phone and TWT (two way texting) right from your computer or mobile phone! 

If that wasn't enough give your company that professional edge you need with a fully customizable auto attendant! Our Integrated IVR can provide both inbound and outbound automated text and voice responses, direct calls to different users on the system or even forwarding them to another phone number!

Pick and choose your solution, with our flexible pricing plans you can mix and match just the products you need to fit your budget and requirements. We know what it takes to make you successful so we did it, end of story. Integrate your application today with or our open API or connect with us by creating your own Zap through Zapier!

Have an idea in mind and don’t know if it can happen? We challenge the traditional "can’t do thinking"! Call us today. Text YES2SMS to 949-876-8776 and see it all work together!

SMS Text Marketing Dashboard

Contact Management and CRM

InterCloud9s contact management system provides the basic foundation that you need to build up sales and marketing strategies and drive customer retention. Sync all of your contacts in one place and communicate in real-time through voice, text and email. Easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection or from your phone with our mobile friendly interface. 

With our all-in-one contact management and CRM users can deliver better performance with less effort through task notifications and follow-up reminders. Access centralized contact groups, complete with detailed records of past interactions. Users can reference shared files in real-time better allowing a remote work place environment and encourage transparent collaboration. Centralized contact management gives users more visibility while making your company more efficient and transparent. All this contributes to an improved customer experience and greater return on your investment.


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Check Instant Account Set Up

Check Compliance Ready

  • Upload your own internal DNC list
  • Scrub your contacts against the National Do-Not-Call Registry. 
  • Opt Out and Automatic number removal

Check Complete Control

  • Integrated CRM and Webphone
  • Automated Call Back Reminders
  • Contact History and File Attachments

Check Answering Machine Detection

Customize your audio message that’s delivered based on how the call is answered Live Answer or Voicemail detected

Check Dedicated Number

Get your own dedicated number for return calls, two way Messaging (TWM), inbound call surveys and much more. Don't limit yourself with a shared short code.

Check Fully Integrated IVR

  • Create an automated attendant for call back routing
  • Create Inbound or Outbound Voice surveys
  • Create Inbound or Outbound SMS surveys

Check Free Data List Clean Up 

Don't know whether its a good number, bad number, land line or mobile number. No problem we do just upload your list and we'll take care of the rest.

Check Flexible Integration

  • Open API
  • Zapier Integration
  • Live Lead Injection
  • Text YES2SMS to 949-876-8776 and see it work!

Check Personalize It

Make it personal upload your own voice message or record over the phone. Take advantage of our Text to Speech engine to transcribe your message and populate your contact fields like first name, last name and other fields.


Bulk Messaging for Awareness:

Our cloud based SMS services enables you to communicate with colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers, affiliates and others by sending and receiving bulk text messages via our Two Way Messaging (TWM) Platform! With our years of experience, we have developed an industry leading mass messaging solution thats simple to set up and easy to use, without downloading any software. 

We don’t cut corners or cost by sending messages via unreliable SMTP (email) technology. Don’t settle for old technology that will only be blocked out by cell phone service providers as spam. When it comes to bulk text message delivery, interCloud9 is the best in the business with the highest open rates.


Text Messaging Features!

We offer the most feature rich software and customization:

  • Make it Personal With Your Own SMS Number(s)
  • Unlimited Key Words
  • Unlimited Two Way Text Surveys
  • Unlimited Auto responders
  • Dynamic Customizable Texting Templates
  • Scheduled Broadcasts or Send Now
  • Mobile Friendly Interface

Mass Calling for Awareness:

Sometimes your message needs that personalized touch that a typed message just can't get across. Maybe you need to give the recipient an option to speak with a live person or agent right now instead of hoping they call back.   

Voice messaging caters to various types of businesses and organizations such as schools, religious institutions (churches), non-profits, political, employers, suppliers, customers, affiliates and many others. Whether you are a standalone individual, educational learning facility, politician or political campaign manager looking give your business an edge we have the best automated delivery system for you or your team. 


Dialer System Features!

Take advantage of cloud based Voice Messaging Software

  • Integrated Web Phone no 3rd party software.
  • Call anywhere in North America USA and Canada.
  • Automate call reminders to your contacts / customers.
  • Delivery a different messages for live vs voicemail.
  • Mass delivery of critical time sensitive information.
  • The overall benefit that you can experience from our voice services is a growth in company revenues and better business communications.

SMS Text Marketing Free Trial

Why Choose interCloud9 for your Auto Dialer Solution

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call with one of our account managers to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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