About Us

In mid-2000 a small business owner found a better way to communicate with his customers and prospects and give his struggling business a shot in the arm. It was from these humble beginnings that interCloud9 was born. Fast-forward to the present, and you will find a surging company that understands the pains and challenges that growing businesses faces staying top of mind with its customers. It is with that understanding interCloud9 strives to find solutions that make sense for each of our clients, by delivering competitive pricing and the ability to generate a viable ROI.

About interCloud9

Our Culture

Corporate culture is described as the personality of a company, at interCloud9 we like to keep it simple. We believe in working hard in a relaxed environment, and looking out for our client’s best interest. We believe in long-term partnerships and earning the trust and the respect of everyone we do business with. We encourage collaborative thinking, leveraging experience and cultivating ideas in an open environment.

Looking Forward

Our research and development team will continue to stay focused on the future of the voice broadcasting industry and challenging the status quo. We are developing several hosted telephony and call center solutions that will save our clients time and money. interCloud9 is determined to remain at the cutting edge of the industry by cultivating innovative products and bringing them to market.


Why Choose interCloud9

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry.  InterCloud9s contact management solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call today to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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