Responsible Use Policies

InterCloud9 does not accept spamming of any kind. You must abide by all laws and guidelines when using our products. Respecting our policy on responsible use is required.

Texting Policy

SMS can only be used to get in touch with a number that has given the sender permission to receive that message. Transactional SMS is the lone exception (e.g., product delivery reminder or appointment reminder).

At no point should Texting be utilized for any kind of non-permission based telemarketing. Also, users need to make sure they provide recipients with proper Opt-Out and HELP instructions in the outbound message.  

Ringless Voice Messaging Policy

This technology is intended to be a permission-based, non-intrusive communication medium. This implies that consent should always be obtained before using a user’s mobile device to contact someone.

At no point should RVM be utilized for any kind of non-permission based telemarketing. Users are required to  provide recipients a toll free number in the outbound message to automatically Opt-Out from future calls.

Interactive Voice Response Policy

IVR can only be used for non-telemarketing calls, including notifications and surveys, or to get in touch with someone who has given permission to be contacted. ALL parties must never call a mobile phone without authorization.

At no point should the Outbound IVR be utilized for any kind of non-permission based telemarketing. Users are required to  properly identify themselves in the message and provide an Automatic Opt-Out option in the message.

Federal and State Compliance Policy

All communications must always abide by the rules and regulations of the TCPA, FCC, FTC, State, and other relevant authorities.

Scrubbing the DNC, avoiding calling cell phones, identifying the sender explicitly, using a legitimate caller ID, and include a toll-free callback number in the message are a few examples of what this entails.

Here is a link to our Calling Policy which includes contact information for the different governing agencies

Zero Tolerance

As a responsible usage business, InterCloud9 has a zero tolerance policy for users who try to break the law, our policies, or other regulations. We don’t tolerate any kind of unlawful calling, regardless of the intent.

We consider any UNSOLICITED MESSAGES as SPAM. We only allow verified opt-in subscriptions. We do NOT allow the use of 3rd party lists, whether consent has been gathered or not.

Opt-In Policy

NEVER utilize our products for telemarketing unless all guidelines are adhered to. When using InterCloud9, you must always have active permission from every person you want to communicate with. Companies can easily get opt-in on your website by using opt-in text in your sign-up forms see example here. You may gather sufficient information to securely and lawfully get in touch with people who are utilizing your goods or services. Our software is made for communications between a business and its customers when consent has been obtained.