InterCloud9 provides a redundant cloud based auto dialer and automated messaging product suite. Through an array of auto dialer products we are focused on providing maximum efficiency for your communication needs and bridge today’s demand for a scalable hosted call center solutions.

Auto Dialer Products
Free Trials

Free Trial Auto Dialer Products

We are so confident that our auto dialer products will be the right match for your business marketing initiative that you get to try them for free! With no payment method required at sign up there is no risk. At the end of your free trial you will be sent an email to pick a plan to continue. If you don’t pick a plan to continue your account simply closes out, no further action is required. Select a Free Trial today and see what you may be missing out on. There is not risk so what are you waiting for?

Predictive Auto Dialer Product

Predictive Dialer Overview

InterCloud9 puts your outbound call center dialing in over drive by filtering out busy signals, bad phone numbers and even answering machines with our answering machine detection (AMD) suite. Our platform allows your agents to leave a pre-recorded message in the back ground while moving onto the next call, so you don’t skip a beat and your sales will sky rocket. We offer the most standard features at no additional charge such as an integrated CRM, call transfer options, customizable email templates, agent scripts and call dispositions, along with agent monitoring, a powerful 5-1 dialing capability and inbound call distribution. All this, for one low fixed monthly fee with no start up fee’s and instant online account set up.

Ringless Voice Messaging

Ringless Voice Messaging Overview

InterCloud9 is leading the industry with our ringless voice message system. Our ringless voicemail system gives our users the ability to leave a prerecorded message without ever ringing the recipient’s phone. That’s right! You don’t call them, you just leave a message each and every time perfectly as you intended without interrupting anyone. The future of responsible direct messaging is here with a 96% chance your message will be heard. Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you refused to listen to your voicemail?

IVR Voice Messaging

IVR Voice Messaging Overview

InterCloud9’s Voice Messaging and IVR platform makes it easier than ever to reach thousand of contacts instantly. Simply upload your contacts, record your message and schedule your broadcast to go out now or in the future. Our Voice Broadcasting and IVR platform is used for polling and public announcements by industries such as political, education (school officials to tell parents about up coming events), doctors notifying or reminding patients of upcoming appointments or state and government agencies needing to deliver critical information in real-time just to name a few.

Automated Messaging

A2P Text Messaging Overview

With interCloud9’s A2P Text Messaging service and integrated CRM you can easily send bulk text messages, follow up texts, generate auto responders’ and create two way text message surveys. We only send your text message via a true SMS gateway with a guaranteed delivery when you need it and don’t cut corners or cost by sending text messages via unreliable technology. Don’t settle for old technology that will only be blocked out by cell phone service providers as spam. When it comes to text message delivery, interCloud9 is the best in the business. Scale your success with us through Zapier and connect the apps you already love. Try our free trial and see for yourself!