Our Calling Policy was posted on 16 October 2011 and last updated on 10 May 2018. It is the intention of interCloud9 and it's customers to maintain the highest standards possible in the course of business. Toward this end, interCloud9 does not intend to violate the privacy rights or wishes of any person who does not want to be called by any organization. You The Subscriber and user of interCloud9's software understands that you are 100% responsible and liable for how you use the software and agree to comply with all State and Federal guidelines governing telemarketing laws and regulations.

The Subscriber and or user of the interCloud9 software agrees that:

  • Software is to be used in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All outbound calls must adhere to State and Federal permitted time calling windows, including time zones you are calling in and not from.
  • Provide callers with an automated way of removing there number(s) from being called in the future.
  • Place all callers requesting to be put on a DNC status immediately through interCloud9's dialer features and keep your own internal DNC list.
  • Provide accurate and legal caller id's along with contact information.
  • DO NOT send calls to emergency, life services or utility company numbers.

Although interCloud9 does not make any calling campaigns of its own, the following policy is mandatory in all solicitations and campaigns by clients using our platform and/or resellers using our software on their own platforms. We will also process any DNC requests received by our company which were meant to be directed to our resellers or clients in this fashion so as not to further inconvenience the call recipient any further.

To help insure you the Subscriber and or user of the software are always up to date please consult an attorney or similar compliance resource. Below are some helpful links to help you in your compliance efforts.

Federal Trade Communications (FTC):
Federal Communications Commission (FCC):
Do Not Call (DNC) Registry:
Do Not Call (DNC) Rules:

If you would like to add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, applicable to all telemarketers, you may do so by calling 1-888-382-1222, or online at If your number is already on the National Do Not Call Registry and you received a telemarketing call from someone using interCloud9's products, please let us know by submitting a contact request by clicking here so that we can correct the problem. Please include as much information as possible, especially Caller ID information and the specific offer made during the call.

Please read through our entire policy and refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information. By using our platform, you are agreeing that you accept these terms and conditions, and will abide by these policies and procedures.



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