Predictive Dialer I Click on campaign but it does not dial or make calls

There is a few reasons why this could happen so lets go through each one.

  1. Trying to share a users log in: This will never work as the system will block both users if trying to share a log in name. You need to have each person log out of the dialer and purchase additional licenses by clicking here .
  2. Campaign out of data: Have your administrator go to the campaigns tab and refresh the campaign stats Remaining Contacts should not be 0 .
  3. Connection Type:
    1) If using the Webphone with Google Chrome and you hear a faint ringing sound that is the dialer trying to connect with your browser but the connection is being refused. Google is constantly making changes to Chrome causing the web phone function to not work. In turn we are working to keep up and find work arounds but its difficult. In the meantime we suggest you switch your connection type to SIP Phone by clicking here .
    2) If using the SIP Phone (Zoiper) and its not ringing your computer for you to answer the call then it has lost connection. You will need to log out of the dialer and restart your computer then re open Zoiper. This will completely reset the connection and give you a fresh start. You can then verify Zoiper is connected as it will say Online on menu bar in the bottom left of the Zoiper interface. Once you verified its online go to your Settings tab click on Test SIP Phone Registration & Setup at the bottom.

If you continue to have any issue reply to your current support ticket by clicking here or open a support ticket by clicking here to set up a support call.

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