Predictive Dialer How do I set up inbound caller ID

Our dialer solution supports both inbound and outbound calling functionality.  Just like with the the outbound dialing when a call is connected to a prospect the call will be routed to the first available agent. The same holds true with an inbound call.

In order to receive calls directed back into the dialer you will need to set up an direct inward dialed (DID) number from interCloud9. To do this please click here to order your DID number if you have not already done so. Once you receive the DID number back you will perform the following steps below to set up that new caller ID in your campaign settings.

Proceed to the Admin Tab bottom left corner of dialer once logged in

At the top of the screen select Set Up Inbound DID's

Enter the DID number provided to you in the Number box

Provide a unique description (optional)

From the drop down select the campaign you would like the calls directed to.
*Note you can set up a specific campaign just for inbound calls or use an existing campaign for a blended call campaign.


You are now ready to accept calls into your predictive dialer and hosted call center solution!

Next you will want to next set up an Wait for Agent Message - This is helpful while a caller is on hold waiting for an agent to come on the line if you have more calls than agents available and will allow you to market your companies product or service with a pre recorded message or play music to callers Click Here to set up your Wait for Agent Message.


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