Predictive Dialer API posting leads to the dialer

The Predictive Dialer API supports a single inbound contact entry, directly into a campaign. It is NOT designed for, nor should it be used for mass uploads, or CSV files. The API is most commonly used for automatically inserting website leads into a dialer campaign to be called. Contacts submitted using this API receive the highest priority and will be called ahead of existing contacts in a campaign.

Follow the steps given below and/or provide your lead provider with the link to this article for the instructions and URL string they will need for posting leads to your specific campaign. 

To begin Click on the Campaigns tab

Next click on the API link as shown in the image below next to the campaign you would like your leads posted from your lead provider into

You will then be provided the instructions as shown below pertaining to your account and campaign. Click on the Blue link that says Generate Code this is the coding for the URL string your lead provided will need in order to post leads in real time to the dialer. Copy the code shown below the Generate Code link and provide it to your lead provider along with the link to this help article which will aid your lead provider in setting up your account.

*Your account URL string will be unique for each campaign and contain your specific database values (do not use sample URL string shown below).

If you have additional question please open a support ticket and a support operator will contact you to go over your questions in more detail.

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