The Use of Voice Broadcasting Technology

Voice broadcasting is a successful and consistent technology with which you can easily send your messages or alerts to millions of people by running a simple marketing campaign. It consists of a programmed pre-recorded message delivery service that is played for the projected answering machine, voicemail or live person. The distribution consists of a digital message that has been perfectly scripted and engineered to deliver a specific message to the target audience. The remarkable quality of this marketing tool is that the messages are delivered consistently, in a small amount of time at an inexpensive rate.

With voice broadcasting software you are able take your time while making sure you have the right message to be delivered the right way, every time. Once you approve the message, it can be broadcasted to thousands or millions of people at the speed you desire. This mass communication technology dates back to the early 1990’s that broadcasts messages via the telephone to the intended target audience. This technology has both marketable and social applications. Voice broadcasting users can contact targets (whether they be subscribers, members, constituents, employees, or clients) directly. The software allows for complete control of the program and supervision of the broadcasts. With self-service voice broadcasting technology, you can schedule call windows, determine how quickly to send out calls, and pause calling campaigns.

This service allows a business to initiate an advertising campaign in minutes. Voice broadcasting also allows for interactivity with the prospects which fills up several significant roles needed by the sales process. First, it gives sales agents an opportunity to get in touch with many more possible clients than they are capable of by manually dialing a phone. It enables the delivery of the best possible message quality a sales agent could leave on an answering machine/voicemail. This message is saved to be used later or sent out directly depending on the requirements of the marketing effort. In this technique, voice broadcasting becomes a cost-effective device which enables the sales agent to leave the kind of excellent messages he or she would like to all time, every time. Many improvements in telecom software allow sales agents to be on transfers with a percentage of channels dialing in the background where the agent is then able to move onto another call with hardly any down time, which adds up to a large amount of time saved.

A valuable phone dialer service will officially send your voice messages and announcements to your phone list of prospective customers, clients, members or community. Most companies give the ability to remove numbers on the national “do not call” list. This way if you are dialing businesses who do not want to be contacted you can be assured you will not dial them. When designing your campaign you will use a special message based on whether it is for a live person or for an answering machine/ voicemail

The best voice broadcasting systems can convey messages to a single individual or to thousands or millions of people. Your pre-recorded phone message can be played to a live person answering the phone or to their voicemail box.

A few other accepted applications include sending a voice message to people informing them of sales campaign, community events, and up-coming opportunities, emergency alerts, or appointments. Whatever message you need to get out, voice broadcasting will give you the necessary tools to accomplish your goal.