Features of a predictive dialer

Companies are currently using call center predictive dialer software to reduced down time and increase talk time to their agents. Contact center communication software is based on telemarketing solutions through a suite of products designed to improve customer satisfaction, increase call center efficiency, provide better data management and increase the bottom line. Call center management software is instrumental in managing the costs associated to a call center mass communication efforts. Web based call centers can improve the quality of communication and efficiency of there customer support virtually over night. Call center technology products such as predictive dialers provide the controls and monitoring capabilities needed for all modern call centers and allows agents to work remotely in virtual call center environments.

The predictive dialer has successfully revolutionized the way telemarketers conduct their business. Like auto-dialers it was developed to dial phone numbers automatically and over time has continually evolved to make it more efficient. Besides dialing automatically it reacts to the types of calls connected which was lacking in previous auto-dialer solutions. Unlike older dialers that do not use algorithms to connect the agent to successful functional calls, predictive dialers only connect telemarketing agents to the call once it recognizes that a live person is on the line or to a voicemail if desired. Due to these useful features predictive dialers are used in many call centers today. They have assisted thousands of telemarketers to maximize their work and reduce wasted time dialing non-functional numbers.

When using predictive dialing software a call center can expect up to 500% increases in efficiency which radically improves the number of successful calls finished, boosts revenues and has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Predictive dialer features make it the software of choice for a wide range of applications, including:
Brick and Mortar Call Centers
Web Based Call Centers
International Call Centers

Predictive dialing takes what you do well and helps you do it better – whether that’s dialing for telemarketing, debt collection, tele sales, fund raising or customer care.

Adding the predictive dialer software allows a call center to considerably increase income and improve productivity, the software eliminates time spent manually dialing numbers and waiting for the phone to answer. This current technology ensures the agents’ time is spent in an effective way. If the active agent is on a call, the system will pause dialing until the agent is available. This means that when the call is finished the system resumes dialing to the agent is immediately connected to the next contact, which means less downtime.