Utility Company Messaging Solutions

InterCloud9s Utility Company Messaging Solutions are the most cost effective vehicle for delivering your customer notifications in real time by voice, text or both. Using our system is extremely easy and setup only takes a matter of minutes – sign up, add your contacts, record or type a message and send that message to everyone instantly.

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Utility Company Messaging Solutions

With InterCloud9’s Utility Company Messaging Solutions you are in complete control of your major initiatives. Our solutions include an IVR Voice Messaging (mass pre recorded voice notification – surveys), A2P SMS Text Messaging (group messaging and polling with reporting) and  Ringless Voice Messaging (leave a pre recorded voice message without the ring).

Use the power of interCloud9 to set up an efficient, effective and reliable Utility Company Messaging system. Whether you are a public or private agency intercloud9 offers a notification system that can send out voice or text announcements on time every time. Text MORE to 949-876-8776 and learn how a blended text to voice survey can work for you!

With our in depth reporting you can see the activity on each number to see who answered, who did not. With interCloud9’s Utility Company Messaging Solutions you are in complete control of sending out campaigns to support all of your major initiatives, including:

Check Account Notifications

Check Community Alerts

Check Resource Information

Check Evacuation Preparation

Check Sever Weather Notifications

At interCloud9, we challenge traditional “can’t do” thinking to bring your creative initiatives to fruition. Our experts will assist you with every aspect of your messaging requirement including customized applications. Call us today for special discounts that apply to Government agencies.

Have an idea in mind and don’t know if it can happen? Integrate your application today with or our open API or connect with us through Zapier by creating your own Zap! 


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We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry.  InterCloud9s contact management solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call today to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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