Mortgage and Real Estate Auto Dialer

InterCloud9s auto dialer and messaging solutions will take your sales to the next level and increase contact ratios by over 500%.

We truly grasp what it takes to excel within the Mortgage and Real Estate industry, and our solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line.

Mortgage and Real Estate Auto Dialer

Your success lies in the numbers

In today’s highly competitive Mortgage and Real Estate industry the more people you speak to has a direct result to your bottom line. The success lies in the numbers, which means it is essential that communication be efficient and effective.  Increasing the rate and efficiency of your organizations voice and message communication is essential to drive more sales. Part of being efficient and effective, is reporting and the ability to track the sales of specific data verticals to know whats working and what is not. 

How interCloud9s predictive dialer increases call volume

The interCloud9 Predictive Dialer solution eliminates the need for agents to manually dial through numbers searching for a live caller. Instead a predictive dialer will call through your contact lists skipping over non functional calls such as no answers, busy signals and disconnected numbers.  This increase in efficiency will increase talk time up to 500% and will put production numbers through the roof. InterCloud9s predictive power dialer will not only increase call volume, it also gives managers and supervisors a great way to track an agents call time with in depth reporting capabilities. The more efficient and effective a predictive dialer system is the more agents can be on the phone. InterCloud9’s intelligent predictive dialer solution is scalable for an unlimited amount of users or a single agent working from home or on the road.

Mortgage and real estate messaging solutions

Need a viable solution to reach your customers in a responsible non intrusive way with the ability to pre-record your message and send it directly to a customers voicemail? Our Ringless Voice Messaging will do just that with a 96% chance your message will be heard (leave a pre recorded voice message without the ring).

It’s no secret sms text messaging is the new standard for how people choose to communicate with nearly a 100% open rate. Stay top of mind with your customer and provide them with account updates every step of the way with our A2P SMS Text Messaging. You can quickly and easily have two-way communication, conduct text message surveys or create auto responder’s to customer requests right from your computer. Integrate your application today with or our open API or connect with us through Zapier by creating your own Zap! We challenge the traditional “can’t do thinking”!

By choosing interCloud9’s predictive dialer, forward thinking Mortgage and Real Estate companies are able to add financial growth to their company’s bottom line and drive high quality prospects looking for new Mortgage and Real Estate opportunities.

Instant Account Set Up

Compliance Ready

  • Upload your own internal DNC list
  • Scrub against National DNC Registry
  • Call Recording
  • Opt Out and Automatic number removal
  • CNAM (Caller ID Name Delivery)

Integrated CRM

  • Contact Notes
  • Tasks Reminders
  • Custom Call Dispositions
  • Call Back Reminders
  • Email and Text Templates

Complete Control

  • Agent Monitoring - Coaching - Barge In
  • Restrict Users to Specific Campaigns
  • Restrict Users to Specific Locations/IP Address
  • Restrict Calls to Specific Area Codes

Dedicated  Number

  • Dedicated number for return calls
  • Two way Messaging (TWM)
  • Inbound call routing and much more
  • Text YES2SMS to 949-876-8776 and see it work!

Integrated IVR

  • Create an auto attendant for call routing
  • Create Inbound or Outbound Voice surveys
  • Create Inbound or Outbound SMS surveys


  • Pay As You Go
  • No Contracts
  • No Set Up Fees 

Easy Integration

  • Zapier Integration
  • Live Lead Data Injection
  • Open API for easy application integration
  • Connect 1000s of applications 

Data Clean Up

Don't know whether its a good number, bad number, land line or mobile number. No problem we do just upload your list and we'll take care of the rest.


Why Choose interCloud9

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry.  InterCloud9s contact management solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call today to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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