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This method of connection is suggested if you do not have or do not want to use a land line phone for communicating through the dialer. You will need a USB headset to plug into your computer if you use this connection type as it eliminates the need to use a phone.

To use this connection type some users have reported issues with 3rd party anti virus software such as Mcaffe and Norton. If you experience any issues we suggest you only use the Windows firewall and disable or uninstall the 3rd party anti virus.

 Click on the Admin Tab: (This will need to be done for each user utilizing this as their preferred connection method)

 Then to the right of the specific user hover over the second icon from the left and click on Connection Settings and Choose SIP Phone then take note of your specific user settings Display Name/User Name, Domain and Password.

 Click Save Changes

 Next you must use a SIP Software like Xlite, below is a link to download a free version if you don't already have a SIP client installed on your computer.

Xlite Download:

 Once you have downloded and installed X-Lite go to your desktop and open X-Lite by clicking on the X-Lite icon.
 Set up your X-Lite account with the specific user settings by clicking on Softphone at the top in X-Lite:

 Next enter your sip account settings you took note of in the first step above and enter those as shown below Display Name/User Name, Domain and Password:

 Click "OK" 

 Next from the X-Lite interface click Softphone, select Preferences and "Devices" on the left be sure to choose your headset from the drop downs.
*NOTE You will need to have your headset plugged in to set it as the audio device.

 Click "OK" and your done.
** This will need to be done for each user using this as their preferred connection method **
** If you have any issues with the sip phone setup please open a support ticket by clicking here 

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