Predictive Power Dialer

All-in-one predictive auto dialer solution with CRM and 2-way Text Messaging for Call Centers or Individuals. Spend your time talking to prospects not calling them, increase your contact ratios by 500% today!

SMS Text Messaging

Industry leading bulk messaging and 2-way texting solution with free inbound messages and your own dedicated number! Enjoy unlimited key words, create and customize unlimited SMS surveys for customer engagement. Text YES2SMS to 949-876-8776 and see it work!

Ringless Voice Messaging

The future of responsible voice messaging is here with voicemail drops! Place a voicemail message directly on landline or mobile phones without interrupting the recipient, it's a non intrusive voice message delivery solution.

IVR & Voice Messaging

Great for reminder calls, conducting outbound and inbound call surveys or intelligent call routing to individuals or departments. Popular industries include Schools, Religious, Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs), Political, Healthcare many others!

Insurance Services Auto Dialer and Messaging Solutions

Insurance Services Auto Dialer and Messaging

InterCloud9 powers a robust dialer system that focuses on improving the insurance industry. We truly grasp what it takes to excel within the insurance business, and our auto dialer solutions have a track record of helping insurance companies add growth to their bottom line with live lead transfers.

In today's highly competitive insurance industry, it's important for companies to not only focus on customer needs, but also to increase the rate and efficiency of their calling as a way of driving more chances for a sale. By bringing the power of a automated dialing system such as a Predictive Dialer (call center auto dialer solution), Ringless Voice Messaging (leave a pre recorded voice message without the ring), SMS Text Marketing (group messaging and polling with reporting) you are in complete control of your major initiatives. It now becomes possible to reach more people in a shorter time period, regardless of the types of insurance products being offered.

The insurance industry is successful or not based largely in part to the success of its call center operations. At the heart of this operation is the cloud based call center predictive dialer. A predictive dialer solution eliminates the need to manually dial through numbers searching for a live caller. Instead of having agents go through lists trying to connect to a live caller, insurance companies can add a predictive dialer and increase their live call production up to 400 percent. With this improvement, chances of a sale dramatically increase.

The more efficient and effective a predictive dialer system is the more agents can be on the phone. The success lies in the numbers, which means it is essential that the call center operations be efficient and effective. The interCloud9 calling solution will not only increases your call volume, it also gives you a great way to track your agents call time with reporting capabilities, rework lists, tie in with your favorite CRM applications, and much more. InterCloud9's calling solution is scalable for an unlimited amount of seats or even for the smallest number of agents.

Being able to efficiently, and effectively handle phone calls trough our built in CRM and call distribution platform, the insurance company can pull ahead in the competitive and ever changing marketplace. By choosing interCloud9's predictive dialer, forward thinking insurance companies are able to add financial growth to their company's bottom line and drive high quality prospects looking for new insurance opportunities.

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Auto Dialer and Messaging Benefits for Insurance Services

Check Cost effective method for reaching a large number of prospects or clients
Check More effective and at one tenth the cost of direct mail campaigns
Check Deliver information on a time critical basis
Check Save contact management time and money
Check Increase brand awareness and name recognition
Check Better ROI than traditional marketing
Check Quick implementation for new initiatives
Check Real time reporting to track performance
Check Complete control of campaign puts you in the driver's seat

Why Choose interCloud9 for your Auto Dialer Solution

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call with one of our account managers to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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