Case Study for Automated Messaging

Looking to keep your telemarketers and sales agents busy all day long? InterCloud9s cloud based auto dialer and messaging solutions will put your communication efforts in over drive.

Case Study for Automated Messaging

A growing merchant cash advance company was looking for a way to cut its marketing costs while increasing the number of quality live transfer leads. Even though the company was generating some leads from direct mail and radio ads, the expense of the ads and an inconsistent stream of calls had led to low morale and even lower ROI.

InterCloud9 suggested a multi-tiered strategy starting with just there existing data utilizing our Ringless Voice Messaging and IVR Voice Messaging solution to generate live transfers into their sales Q during business hours. Contacts that were not sold through the initial live inbound transfer were then followed up with utilizing our Predictive Dialing solution.

This multi-tiered strategy resulted in a steady flow of calls, which then raised employee morale and boosted sales by 300%. Ultimately, with a combination of quality Live Transfers leads and a system for following up with qualified prospects the company was able to achieve its goal of increasing ROI.

Additionally a targeted voice mail message left after business hours as a follow up to interested prospects produced fresh leads for sales agents to start calling on in the morning. This voicemail campaign generated leads similar to those from direct mail, but at one tenth of the cost.


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