Caller ID Reputation

Why Registering Phone Numbers with Carriers Is Very Crucial
It’s critical to register your CNAM with each particular carrier to avoid having your number marked as spam, scam-likely, or “spoofing” by another person or organization.

When a customer answers your call, their first impression of your business is based on your caller ID. Customers are 53% more likely to answer calls from businesses when they are recognized. The initial step is to register the phone numbers, or CNAM data, of your company with each of the major carriers. Governmental, political, and nonprofit entities should give phone number registration serious consideration.

Whats CNAM?
Your caller ID name is CNAM. When you buy numbers for your business, you should register them with carriers using your CNAM information. As a result, your caller ID information will appear on customers’ phones for carriers that use CNAM repositories, helping to validate your number and link it to your company. The data may be fragmented, though, because not all carriers use the same CNAM repositories.

Instructions for Registering Phone Numbers with Major Carriers
Caller ID administration is handled by third parties by major carriers and apps. These third parties check company caller IDs and oversee each number’s reputation within their own app. For instance, if a Scam or Spam Likely report is received by the caller ID app, this data is stored in the app and aids other users on the same network by displaying this information on the called party’s phone screen.

The procedures for registering phone numbers with several of the main carriers are described below:


Verizon Call Filter App, Verizon is one of the few carriers that manages their own database. When you register your phone number with Call Filter, it gives the impression that your number has already been blacklisted. This is essentially what you’re doing, but even if it hasn’t, you can still fix it by visiting the Verizon Call Filter Feedback website, selecting the option for business or enterprise phone numbers, and then following the on-screen instructions.


T-Mobile CallTransparency registration is a little more rigorous. Visit the CallTransparency website. You must manually enter all of your business phone numbers there; or, you can upload a CSV file containing your phone numbers instead. You’ll then give your company’s information. A CallTransparency employee will call each number to verify that it connects a caller to the establishment you identified in the first upload. Every number you give should be able to:

A human
An IVR (interactive voice recognition) application, or
A voicemail

The name of your business must also be said to the caller as a confirmation.


The reputation-management and caller identification app used by AT&T for business calls is called Hiya. Visit the Hiya website here to get a free Call Assessment and regsiter your numbers.

3rd party Caller ID Remediation Service

You may also look into a 3rd party service such as Contact Compliance Center who will register your numbers on your behalf through there Caller ID Remediation service explained here. Thay also offer a hostof other products and services for your outbound marketing efforts. Contact Ryan from **Contact Center Compliance** at 707-303-4844 or Book a Time on his Calendar to discuss your caller ID reputation.