Automated Phone Dialer

InterCloud9 provides cloud based automated phone dialer solutions for your telemarketing and mass communication needs. Our web-based Predictive Power Dialer allows users to make and receive calls online with an integrated CRM for scheduling call backs, taking notes, customizable call dispositions and simple contact management.

Automated Calling System

The automated phone dialer hosts an integrated CRM for call dispositions, follow up reminders, sending emails or text messages and leaving pre recorded voicemails, just to name a few standard features. Intercloud9s automated phone dialer systems don’t stop there, we also provide industry leading bulk messaging solutions. Our Ringless Voice MessagingIVR Voice Messaging and A2P SMS Text Messaging platform can send out thousands of messages in an instant for reminder calls, surveys and emergency notifications the possibilities are endless.  Whether your reaching out to an existing client base or reviving past contacts our automated dialer systems will insure your message is delivered each and every time.

Since our automated phone dialer systems are cloud based we require no software to be download. All you need is a computer with an internet connection so you can manage your automated calling campaign from anywhere at any time of the day!

Take a moment to watch our short demo videos below and simply sign up online to get started in minutes!

Simple Messaging Solution

If you are looking for a high capacity messaging solution to send mass prerecorded Voice or Text Messages, our Simple Messaging Solution has Text MessagingRingless Voicemail Drops and Voice Messaging all in one solution to reach hundreds or even thousands of individuals in minutes. With our built in text and voice survey tools you can conduct both inbound and outbound surveys to build reporting or filter prospects and direct callers to specific individuals or departments. Our all in one Simple Messaging Solution (SMS) makes getting your messages out easy and allows you to share contact lists against multiple services Text Messaging, Ringless Voicemails and Voice Broadcasting. The amount of in-depth reporting will amaze you, providing all the information you need to determine the performance of your campaigns. We offer free call recordings great for training purposes along with the ability to upload up your own internal do not call list as well as scrub against the National DNC at no extra charge.

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Predictive Power Dialer

Are your call center agents still manually dialing phone numbers? If so, we have an industry leading cloud based Predictive Dialer that increases agent talk time by 500%, spend more time talking and less time dialing. Our predictive autodialer software comes with inbound and outbound calling routing capabilities, a built-in CRM, user-friendly interface, customizable call dispositions, call back scheduling and free call recording functionality. Whether you are working from home or have a call center with 100 agents, our powerful 5 to 1 dialing capabilities will increase your productivity. You can access the autodialer software from anywhere with an internet connection or restrict users to a specific location based on their IP. All this with real-time agent monitoring and real-time reporting. We have your security, training and performance needs covered!

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