Manage your time Wisely With Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing

  • Tuesday, 4th September, 2012
  • 17:52pm

Historically, the cost of making a phone call has decreased and more and more business communication has been done by phone since the 1970’s and 1980’s. As corporations grew and phone automation became better, the ratio of sales agents needed to contact hundreds of even thousands of prospects has decreased. Studies have shown a sales agent will spend 45 minutes dialing with only about 15 minutes of true talk time with-in an hour time frame. While with Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing your agents will spend 45 minutes talking and 15 minutes waiting for a call, giving them ample time to get organize for their next call.

In the present time, Voice Broadcasting has undeniably out staged other marketing tools in many aspects. Fast, efficient and inexpensive it is. Being branded so, it has been utilized by many types of industries to include Political initiatives, Merchant Processing, Business Cash Advance, SEO, SEM and many others. Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing provides a systematically efficient and economical way for businesses of any size to increase product awareness and prospect new customers. Here’s the magic of voice broadcasting technology, a message can be played in 1 hour reaching over 240 thousand phone numbers / prospects while leaving a message on either an answering machine, live person or both in the same call. If we reach an answering machine or voice mail we will leave your message perfectly without human deviation each and every time. If reaching a live person the system will deliver your message then give your prospect the option to press one to be transferred live back to you, your sales team or your call center.

Different time zones are not an issue with voice broadcasting, the system automatically calls prospects based on the area code of the phone number being dialed, ensuring that calls are made at the time you desire. Meaning you can dial any number at any time you wish to and stop whenever you want regardless of what time zone you are located in. Voice Broadcasting provides product awareness,  live transfer sales leads and a dramatic increases in response rates instantly. This services has been used to successfully find interested prospects for an amazing range of services, just like yours.

Dial thousands in an hour with Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing.


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