Predictive Dialer

All-in-one predictive auto dialer solution with 2-way Text Messaging and CRM for Call Centers or Individuals. Spend your time talking to prospects not calling them and increase your contact ratios by 500% today!

SMS Text Marketing

Industry leading 2-way online texting solution with free inbound messages and your own dedicated number! Enjoy unlimited key words, create and customize unlimited SMS surveys for customer engagement and mass text messaging notifications. Text YES2SMS to 949.229.8200 and see it work!

Ringless Voicemail Drops

The future of responsible voicemail marketing is here with ringless voicemail drops! Leave a voicemail message on any mobile phone without the ringing, it's a non intrusive voice message delivery solution.

Voice Broadcasting

Send pre-recorded voice messages to any phone number. Great for reminder notifications, surveys, direct marketing and inbound call transfer routing. Popular industries include Schools, Religious, Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs), Political and Healthcare

Automated Dialer System

interCloud9 provides cloud based automated dialer systems for mass notification and telemarketing solutions. Our Ringless Voice Messaging and Voice Broadcasting platform can send out thousands of calls in an instant for brand awareness, polling, surveys and live transfer leads. Intercloud9 automated dialer systems don't stop there, we also host an industry leading, cloud based Predictive Dialer for individual agents or call centers that allows for both outbound and inbound call routing, an integrated CRM, customizable call dispositions, call reminders and call recordings to name a few standard dialer features. Whether your reaching out to an existing client base, prospecting for new clients our automated dialer systems will insure your message is heard.

Since our automated dialer systems are cloud based we require no software to be download. All you need is a computer with an internet connection so you can manage your automated calling campaign from anywhere at any time of the day!

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Check Instant Account Set Up

Check No Contracts Pay As You Go!

  • All of interCloud9's calling solutions are pay as you go
  • No long term contracts or set up charges! 

Check Complete Control

  • Pre-Scheduled or Send Now
  • Set a range of days and times when to broadcast your messages.

Check Free Data List Clean Up 

Don't know whether its a good number, bad number, land line or mobile number. No problem we do just upload your list and we'll take care of the rest.

Check Message Templates

Make it personal upload your own voice message or record over the phone. Take advantage of our Text to Speech engine to transcribe your text message.

Check Outbound - Inbound IVR

Route callers to the right person or department and provide the option to Opt-Out from future marketing efforts.

Check Compliance Ready

  • Upload your own internal DNC list
  • Scrub your contacts against the National Do-Not-Call Registry. 

Check Answering Machine Detection

Customize your audio message that’s delivered based on how the call is answered Live Answer or Voicemail detected.

Check Dedicated Number

Get your own dedicated caller ID for outbound marketing, inbound call surveys, receive text messages and much more. Text YES2SMS to 9492298200 and see it work!

Voice Broadcasting Automated Dialer System

The interCloud9 ringless voice messaging and voice broadcasting system is an easy to use and set-up enabling you to get your message out fast and on time. With the amount of in-depth reporting you'll be amazed at how it gives you the insight need to determine if your automated dialer system is delivering the results needed. Users of the automated dialer system have the option to record calls, upload their own DNC list, scrub against the national DNC registry along with the ability to scrub against mobile numbers to be sure you are staying with in compliance for no extra charge.

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Predictive Automated Dialer System

Our Cloud Based Predictive Dialer works anywhere you have a computer and internet, no software to download and no hardware needed. With real-time reporting and agent monitoring you'll know exactly how your marketing efforts are performing. With our powerful 5 to 1 dialing capabilities you'll boost sales by as much as 500%! The interCloud9 call center and predictive dialer solution is not only an outbound dialer but can handle inbound calls as well! Try the free trial today and see what you've been missing!

Auto Dialer Free Trial

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Call center agent

“I used to spend all day manually dialing numbers and wasting my time with no answers and fax machines. With the predictive dialer I can just sit back, and let the software do all of the work for me. Very happy with the product”

Steven G. Insurance Agent

Contact center agent

I absolutely love intercloud9 they are always available to help me with any questions or concerns no matter when I call! Their system is by far the easiest and simplest to use and since it takes almost no time at all to set up a campaign you receive quick and great results.

Sara A. Merchant Processing

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We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line.

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