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interCloud9 provides cloud based automated dialer systems for mass notification and telemarketing solutions. Our Ringless Voice Messaging and Voice Broadcasting platform can send out thousands of calls in an instant for brand awareness, polling, surveys and live transfer leads. Intercloud9 automated dialer systems don't stop there, we also host an industry leading, cloud based Predictive Dialer for individual agents or call centers that allows for both outbound and inbound call routing, an integrated CRM, customizable call dispositions, call reminders and call recordings to name a few standard dialer features. Whether your reaching out to an existing client base, prospecting for new clients our automated dialer systems will insure your message is heard.

Since our automated dialer systems are cloud based we require no software to be download. All you need is a computer with an internet connection so you can manage your automated calling campaign from anywhere at any time of the day!

Take a moment to watch our short demo videos below and simply sign up online to get started in minutes!

Voice Broadcasting Automated Dialer System

The interCloud9 ringless voice messaging and voice broadcasting system is an easy to use and set-up enabling you to get your message out fast and on time. With the amount of in-depth reporting you'll be amazed at how it gives you the insight need to determine if your automated dialer system is delivering the results needed. Users of the automated dialer system have the option to record calls, upload their own DNC list, scrub against the national DNC registry along with the ability to scrub against mobile numbers to be sure you are staying with in compliance for no extra charge.

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Predictive Automated Dialer System

Our Cloud Based Predictive Dialer works anywhere you have a computer and internet, no software to download and no hardware needed. With real-time reporting and agent monitoring you'll know exactly how your marketing efforts are performing. With our powerful 5 to 1 dialing capabilities you'll boost sales by as much as 500%! The interCloud9 call center and predictive dialer solution is not only an outbound dialer but can handle inbound calls as well! Try the free trial today and see what you've been missing!

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No Contracts Pay As You Go!
All of interCloud9's automated calling systems are pay as you go, no long term contracts or set up charges!

automated dialer CRM and IVR

Integrated IVR and CRM
At interCloud9 we provide the most feature rich automated dialing systems in the industry, fully hosted with an integrated IVR and CRM.

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100% Cloud Based -Web Based
interCloud9 automated calling systems are 100% web based and hosted in the cloud letting you manage them from anywhere and grow as you need. It's easy- no software to download or install!

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Increase Sales without the Costs!
When you move your communication efforts to InterCloud9, you'll never again have to worry about large hardware investments and long-term contracts, because we don't have any! Just pay for what you use and grow as big as you need in the cloud.

We provide the highest connection rates in the industry with our Voice Broadcasting Auto Dialer, Hosted Call Center Predictive Dialer and SMS Text Marketing platform ensuring you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

We're so confident in our solutions for your marketing needs we offer a Free Trial on all of our products!


““I was surprised at how easy it was to sign up online and get started. The one-on-one training was great because I had never used an auto dialer before. interCloud9 took me through it all step by step, and I’ve been using them for months now. Excellent product and service.”

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We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line.

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