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InterCloud9’s School Auto Dialer and Messaging Solutions are the most dependable and cost effective vehicle for delivering your organizations message. We truly grasp what it takes to get your message across on time and every time just as you intended. Our auto dialer and messaging solutions have a track record of helping schools and universities just like yours stay top of mind with parents, faculty and alumni.

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School Auto Dialer and Messaging Solution

Get Your Message Out On Time Every Time

With interCloud9’s Auto Dialer and Messaging Solutions, you are in complete control of your communication initiatives. Have a simple voice or text message you need to get out in a hurry? Need to perform multi-level polls and find out what parents or staff are needing? Well you’ve come to the right place. No matter how simple or complex in nature your needs are, we have you covered. Have an idea in mind and don’t know if it can happen, just ask. We challenge the traditional “can’t do thinking”!

InterCloud9 offers the highest connection rates in the industry, which guarantees your message will be heard. We boast an unlimited capacity platform which means we can get your message out when others can’t. With our in depth reporting capabilities, we give you the valuable insight needed to make informed and educated decisions to support your initiatives.

The Power of Automated Calling and Messaging

Bring the power of voice and text to your educational institution. There is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to communicating with parents and staff, that’s where we come in. Use the power of interCloud9 to set up an efficient, effective and reliable message notification system. Whether you are a public or private institution, we offer a notification system that can send out your message on time every time.

  1. Easily send bulk SMS messages, generate auto responders’ and create two way text message surveys right from your computer with our A2P SMS Text Messaging.  It’s no secret SMS text messaging is the new standard for how people choose to communicate with nearly a 100% open rate.
  2. Deliver your pre recorded message and easily conduct inbound or outbound polls through our smart IVR with our IVR Voice Messaging Solution. Make it personal, upload your own voice message or record over the phone. Don’t have time or want to record your own voice message? No problem, take advantage of our Text to Speech engine to transcribe your text directly to audio and deliver your message.
  3. The future of responsible direct messaging is here with a 96% chance your message will be heard with our Ringless Voice Messaging. Reach your base in a responsible non intrusive way with the ability to pre-record your message and send it directly to a recipients voicemail.

With our in depth reporting you can see the activity on each number to see who answered or who did not. With interCloud9’s School Auto Dialer and Messaging Solutions, you are in complete control of your major initiatives, including:

Emergency School Auto Dialer Emergency Notifications

Check Weather Updates

Check Parent Teacher Conferences

Back to School Auto Dialer Back to School Night

Check School Events

InterCloud9’s web interface is simple to understand, easy to use and requires no software download. Call us today for special discounts that apply to the education industry.

Integrate your application today with or our open API or connect with us through Zapier by creating your own Zap!


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We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry.  InterCloud9s contact management solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line. Schedule a call today to go over the details of your use case scenario and how interCloud9 can enhance your communication efforts.

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