Political Robo Calling and Polling

Vote 2012 with robo calls by interCloud9

 Performing campaign surveys
 Raising funds
 Polling voters
 Providing "get to the polls" assistance
 Requesting volunteers


With InterCloud9's political awareness solutions for Voice Broadcasting (polling and mass notification), Ringless Voice Messaging (leave a message without the ring) and Predictive Dialer (at home supporters or call centers) you are in complete control of your major initiatives. InterCloud9 offers the highest connection rates in the industry which guarantees your message will be heard by all your contacts not just the most inexpensive numbers to call in densely populated areas. We boast an unlimited capacity platform which means we can get your message out when other can't. Our extensive reporting capabilities will give you the edge your party needs to gather insight needed to put your campaign over the top. Tap in to the potential of boosting your chances of winning elections by setting up a political robocalling and polling campaign provided by interCloud9.

Need to perform multi-level polls to find out what your voters need or who voters are planning or voting for? InterCloud9’s robust IVR is used by the top campaign management companies in the industry. With our unlimited calling capacity, polling and IVR services you are in complete control!

InterCloud9's automated dialing solution and political robo dialer is the industries top robo calling provider in the United States and Canada. InterCloud9 continues to evolve by offering users the most affordable and efficient robocalls available. With the upcoming political elections, interCloud9 will be playing a winning role in aiding politicians and alike to victory by sending out millions of automated political calls.

Political Polling and Mass Notification Benefits

Check Cost effective method for reaching a large number of prospects or clients
Check More effective and at one tenth the cost of direct mail campaigns
Check Deliver information on a time critical basis
Check Save contact management time and money
Check Increase brand awareness and name recognition
Check Better ROI than traditional marketing
Check Quick implementation for new initiatives
Check Real time reporting to track performance
Check Complete control of campaign puts you in the driver's seat
Check Schedule campaigns to stop or start any day of the week