Predictive dialing for an increase in your sales

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A predictive dialer is the system that significantly increases the productivity when your staff doesn't need to place calls. This way the staff working at the call center can just talk to your customers and give them the much needed answers to get more leads thus improving the productivity and profits. With the help of a predictive dialer they never have to dial a single number and wait for someone to answer. This saves an incredible amount of time. A predictive dialing system offers the ability to dial a large list of phone numbers with great ease. With a single mouse click you can dial phone number after phone number instantly, which speeds up the process of dialing the numbers. This increases the efficiency of the work flow and cuts out wasted time from dialing numbers that don’t connect. Predictive dialing software competently handles outgoing call flow of your business through its highly efficient dialer system. The mechanism is developed around identifying a human voice on any given call and then immediately transferring that call to the very first accessible agent for further assistance.

The predictive dialer monitoring system is designed to only connect a sales representative/ telemarketer to calls that are answered by a person. It discards any calls that are not answered, have busy signals, disconnected lines, lines picked up by answering machines, fax machines, or any other form of automated services. The predictive dialer saves telemarketers time because they no longer have to manually dial telephone numbers, listen to ring tones or unanswered calls. Thus, a predictive dialer allows a telemarketer to spend more time communicating with customers and less time that was once wasted on dialing and waiting for a customer to answer their phone.

Prior to its development, most phone centers utilized devices known as auto dialers, which were merely computers equipped with telephony boards that could dial a range with out a caller having to manually enter it on a keypad. Predictive dialing is an advanced technology that moves past the pure auto dialers mainly because it monitors calls made to see how they're answered. If the call goes unanswered, is met with a busy signal, answering machine, or fax machine the predictive dialer instantly moves onto the next call. Usually, the predictive dialers are the systems that are used by the call centers. The number of calls made by the software is much higher than the calls made by the real person sitting at the call center, thus enhancing the productivity. It automatically places enough calls to increase the productivity by targeting the sales and leads needed. Also this is the system that connects the call to the prospect and still adds prospect into the hold where they wait for an available agent. This automatically starts the next call when the previous call ends.

With new and improved software solutions, the distribution of voice messages to answering machines has become really easy. You have to record your message in advance, and then make some technical modifications to your dialing system. When an answering machine or voicemail is reached you can easily play the message at the push of a button. For telemarketing companies, this feature is an additional advantage which is enough to encourage them to buy enhanced dialing solutions. Similarly, when your agents spend most of their time talking with your prospective clients they are bound to deliver good results. The predictive dialing process helps a lot in generating numerous hot leads that result in increased profit generation.

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