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Voice broadcasting technology enables companies to capture live transfer leads at a volume that cant be matched by human dialing in the same period of time. Voice Broadcasting has become one of the most significant on demand marketing tools available along with a sales and customer service tool because the auto-dialer features allows a company to reach more people in less time at a fraction of the cost.

As you maybe aware in our previous posts you can either leave your message on a answering machine only, live person only, or you can do both. By far, we could say that the press “1″ campaign or live transfer option has been the biggest player in polevaulting a majority of our clients if not all of them to success.

The live transfer option provides our client’s customers the option to press one to be connected to a live person. So it will say something like, press “1″ now to speak to a live agent r press “2″ to be opt out. This option works in conjunction with live message calls. Within your voice broadcast message, you’ll make an offer, and then tell the listener to press one to speak to a live person about your offer. With a live answer and transfer option, you don’t pay for answering machines, you simply hang up on them. We mentioned already you get the biggest bang for your buck by providing the easiest way for a customer to connect to a live person in your company.

This live transfer option can help you boost your voice broadcasting campaign. Giving the respondents the ability to connect with a live person immediately, increases overall response rates as much as 600% or more. 

Voice Broadcasting and live lead transfers through interCloud are the most ideal for a variety of lead generation and brand awareness solutions. It’s the most affordable way of direct marketing/advertising which results to a massive return on you investment.

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