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Generating leads every day is the key to success for any business and keeping customers, employees and partners informed is critical. Now there is a way to deliver personalized messages via the phone to thousands of people simultaneously.

Unlike conventional advertisers, we have no account maintenance fee, or software usage fee. InterCloud9 is 100% web based and flexible for clients. It quickly delivers messages to any phone number whether a person or answering machine service that is available to take the call. The system calls hundreds (or even thousands) of people in minutes - you just answer the phone, or return calls to people who responded to your voice broadcast…This gives you the easiest shortcut to jump start your success in business. InterCloud9 offers you a Voice Broadcasting Service which will help you reach thousands and millions of consumer in no time. Our System plays an interactive voice message to your consumers during the time and date you want. It allows the call recipient to listen to the prerecorded message and interact with the broadcasting system by pressing keys on the telephone keypad. The system can detect which key is pressed and be programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly.

You will see that this marketing system is a contemporary marketing tool in businesses of any field. InterCloud9 is one proven way to reach your target clients and create revenue and results in a small span of time or in minutes only.

InterCloud9 assists you in maximizing the return on your investments that will eventually grow and we will gain your long term business.

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