Why Voice Broadcasting?

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There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it’s easy.

Voice Broadcasting is helpful in that it tailors messages for specific audiences. Think of your best sales presentation and then imagine you can get take that message and send it to thousands with the push of a button. Even better, imagine that the thousands you are reaching have asked to hear about what you’ve got to say. Voice broadcasting gives you this targeting advantage because you can load dial lists used to place calls that are opt in generated.

With voice broadcasting, however, a warm personalized message is left on your customers answering device. This message sounds so real and unscripted, people believe you actually took time to call them personally. Voice messages are easy to personalize and each customer will definitely feel special.

When your customers check their messages, they will find a warm, friendly greeting and personalized message, and will be given several options as to how to respond to your offer.

Voice broadcasting’s simple and easy to use formats are effective tools to boost your sales and increase qualified business leads. Compared to a typical print campaign, voice broadcasting trims cost by eliminating postage, printing cost and some other expenses in development. But there is still production costs associated with voice broadcasting. The good news is that there are voice broadcasting companies online that provide turnkey packages.

To find the best broadcasting provider, type in www.intercloud9.com and you are routed to us. InterCloud9 offers the ability to set up your account online instantly, making it easy for you to get started. 

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