InterCloud9 provides industry leading cloud based auto dialer solutions that are needed to bridge today's demand for a fully scalable contact solution. Through an array of automated dialing suites we deploy a cloud calling auto dialer platform focused on providing maximum efficiency for your hosted call center and mass communication efforts. Our automated calling solutions include a Predictive - Power Dialer, Ringless Voice Messaging, Voice Broadcasting with an integrated IVR for polling and market research along with SMS Text Marketing.

In today's marketplace it’s a must to develop an edge over your competitors, choosing our automated calling solutions gives your organization the edge it needs. Additionally, in this economy it is mandatory to maintain your current client base. With our predictive power dialer, hosted IVR and ringless voice messaging, staying in contact with existing clients or prospecting for new customers has never been easier.

Our goal is to deliver our clients with the tools they need to successfully grow their business.

Predictive Power Dialer

InterCloud9's 1st in class Predictive Dialing solution for call centers or individuals.
Predictive Dialer Free Trial

Ringless Voice Messaging

Intercloud9 Ringless voicemail messaging is 100% compliant with TCPA, FCC & CRTC rules and regulations.

Voice Broadcasting

InterCloud9's Voice Broadcasting and IVR platform works by leveraging the power of our first in class cloud calling

SMS Marketing

InterCloud9 only sends your message via a true SMS gateway with a guaranteed delivery when you need it.

Keep your telemarketers busy all day

Looking to keep your telemarketers and sales agents busy all day long? InterCloud9’s cloud based Predictive Dialer platform will put your call center in over drive. With our industry leading dialing ratio, blended inbound and outbound call routing and integrated CRM our web based predictive dialer and call center solution will do just that. Use interCloud9's call center solutions as your primary outbound marketing effort or compliment other forms of inbound marketing such as paper mailers, TV, Radio or PPC internet ads. Click to lean more and watch our short demo video to learn more about our Predictive Dialer solution.

Reach a mass number of contacts at once

Need to reach a mass number of contacts at once? InterCloud9’s Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voice Messaging system provides the edge you need. With our industry leading call capacity and redundant server farms we get your message out when others can’t. The interCloud9 auto dialer platform is successfully used for following up with existing clients, notifications, reminders, public announcements and generate targeted live lead transfers to your sales floor! Click to learn more and watch our short demo video to learn more about our Voice Broadcasting solution.

Easy to use and simple to understand

We host an easy to use web based interface that can be learned in minutes not weeks with instant online set up! When you move your communication efforts to InterCloud9, you'll never again have to worry about large hardware investments and long-term contracts, because we don't have any! Just pay for what you use and grow as big as you need in the cloud.
Take a moment and explore our site, we promise not to bore you with too much technical terminology. We chose to keep it simple, just like our marketing solutions, easy to use and simple to understand.

Instant On-line Set Up - No Start-up fees

Don't wait days or even weeks to up and going.

Industry leading outbound dialing ratio

Get your calls out when you need to and keep your agents busy all day long

Integrated CRM

Agents can take notes, set call back reminders, send templated emails

Integrated IVR

Conduct real-time market research and polling with an integrated multi level IVR.

Inbound and Outbound call handling

Route calls to available agents from other marketing initiatives

Real-time agent monitoring and coaching

Coach, Barge-in or Take Over an agents call.

100% Web based, No software

Log in from anywhere, anytime and any computer

DNC list scrubbing technology

Scrub your contact lists on upload and stay compliant

On demand campaign and agent reporting

Intercloud9 reports include a range of call analytics including call count, answer disposition, time duration and routing information

Fully customizable contact data fields

Create the fields specific to your data to optimize your reporting

Call Recording

Recording inbound calls gives you a complete view of the interactions between customers and your representatives.

Highest Connection rates in the industry

Rest assured all your contacts will be called, we don't skip over high cost areas

Why Choose interCloud9 for your Auto Dialer Solution

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line.

Industries that use automated dialing solutions such as voice broadcasting, predictive dialing and SMS text messaging have found it to be a fraction of the cost compared to other forms of traditional marketing in more than one area. Unlike other forms of marketing such as TV, Radio, SEO, SEM, Mailers and other paper advertising you don't know exactly when your marketing effort will start or peak. Trying to schedule and staff up for the unknown is a guessing game at best, more often than not your losing more money with sales agents sitting and waiting. Mean while your wondering if the ad you just spent money to design is going to even work or if you targeted the right audience and will it yield the results needed to recoup your investment.

With interCloud9's cloud based marketing platforms you pick the day and times that you want your marketing to start down to the minute. With in minutes of your campaign starting your prospects will hear your message or be connected with your agents. Almost any idea can be turned into reality and at interCloud9, we challenge traditional "can't do" thinking to bring your creative initiatives to fruition. InterCloud9's experts will assist you with every aspect of your marketing campaign, including customized applications and script creation. Our customized reporting, data mining and ability to add features will give you or your company the edge it needs to succeed.