Predictive Dialer How do I change the caller ID Shown

Agent Calles (caller ID shown when making manual calls and or transferring calls) you would update your user settings caller ID by clicking here and under Outbound Call Configuration choose Modify Caller ID Settings.

Campaign Calls (caller ID shown to callers when users are joined to a campaign) you would update the campaign settings by clicking here and click the Yellow pencil for the specific campaign to update/edit.

If you don't want to use your own number you can purchase caller IDs from interCloud9 by clicking here clients can then manage their caller ID shown to callers to effectively represent you or your company.

You can further your compliance with the FCC and FTC calling rules by adding an IVR clicking here which is provisioned to the caller ID(s) or a number you already own which helps comply with two State and Federal Telemarketing Regulatory Requirements: (1) to identify their outbound call with a caller ID and (2) to provide an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows an end user to remove themselves from a call list.






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