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Welcome to interCloud9s Simple Messaging Solution!

As a quick overview before we get started. When you first log into our simple messaging solution you will be prompted to select a free caller ID. This will be a dedicated number for you, so choose an area code and number you like and yes you can order additional numbers as needed. If you are on a Free Trial a number will automatically be assigned to you (this number can be changed once on a paid plan).

Once your number is chosen you will set your local time zone for reporting and message scheduling.

You will then create a contact group to upload your contacts too. 

After you've created your contact group you will then upload your contacts to that group.

From there you can send bulk text messages, ringless voicemails or voice messages to that group, you can create as many different contact groups as needed to keep your data neatly organized.

If you don't want to do things in bulk you can also easily send individual text messages or place or receive individual calls using the integrated web phone. 

Now lets get started! Click on a messaging solution below:

Text Messaging

Ringless Voice Messaging

IVR Voice Messaging

If you have any questions please click here to open a support ticket and a member of our staff will be right with you.

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