SMS Text Messaging Getting Started Guide

Log into the dialer by clicking here and enter your log in information as provided in your Getting Started Guide email.

Step #1 Time Zone Setting:
- From the top right click on your name 
- Choose Profile and set  your current Time Zone for message delivery and reporting
Time Zone Setting

To send a single text immediately choose from the menu bar SMS > Inbox > Enter Number > Send Text
To send a scheduled message to a group of contacts continue below to Step #2

Step #2  Create a Contact Group: (this will be where you upload your contacts too)
- Select Groups from the Contact Manager menu
- Select Add Group

- Name your Group
Staff drop down only available if you have multiple users on the account.

Step #3 Add Contacts to the Group
- Select Import Contacts from the Action Column

- Choose your CSV file
Map the column headers with the correct data in the column or else your data will not import to the correct fields in the dialer

Step #4  Send Group Message
- Click Quick Message from the navigation bar on the left.
- Next type in the Group name or Number.
- Next choose a pre defined message template or simply type your message to be sent.
- Next select the day and time for your message to be sent
- Next Select your delivery rate (If sending more then 100 messages per hour carries will flag your number as spam. For bulk messaging Purchase a Power Pack of additional caller IDs.
- Click Send YOUR DONE!

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