Text RVM VB Add Contacts to a Group

This article assumes you have already added a contact Group and covers adding a single contact to a group or uploading a list of contacts to a group. If you have not added a Contact Group click here

Uploading a List of Contacts

Step #1 Add Contacts to the Group
- Select Import Contacts from the Action Column

- Choose your CSV file and Select Submit
The dialer requires your contacts file to be in a .CSV-MSDOS format.
We do not recommend uploading lists larger than 100k records at a time. This is due to the fact that internet transmission could be interrupted by your ISP for large file uploads and result in data loss. 
Click here for Windows instructions to convert your file to .csv 
Click here for MAC/Apple instructions to convert your file to .csv 

- Map the column header drop downs with the correct data in your file

Add a single Contact
Step #1
Click on the Contacts menu

- Select Contacts
- Select Add Contact

Step #2 Add the contact
- Select a group the contact is assigned too.
Staff drop down only available if you have multiple users on the account


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