Predictive Dialer Connection Method - Dial In

Connection Method Dial-In

This method of connection to the dialer is available and should only be used if you have low/limited internet speeds. There is an additional $10.00 per month fee per user to enable this connection type  for the dialer (standard calling rates by your phone carrier still apply).

Get YOUR specific user connection settings under the Admin tab as shown below.

 Click on the Admin Tab: (This will need to be done for each user utilizing this as their preferred connection method)

 Then to the right of the specific user hover over the second icon from the left and click on Connection Settings. Choose  Telephone Dial-In and view the users settings.

 Click Save Changes

 Log out then Log In to be sure your new settings take effect. 

NOTE: This will need to be done for each user using this as their preferred connection method.

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