Feguary 2019 Restricted Call Dates

State Restrictions February 18, 2019 – George Washington's Birthday Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah Canadian Restrictions February 18, 2019 – Family Day New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia State Holiday Calling Rules & Exemptions Alabama’s telephone service ... Read More »

31st Jan 2019
January 2019 Restricted Call Dates

CALLS TO THESE STATES ON RESTRICTED DO NOT CALL (DNC) DATES COULD RESULT IN A POTENTIAL STATE VIOLATION: State Restrictions January 1, 2019 – New Year’s Day Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah January 8, 2019 - Battle of New Orleans (statutory) Louisiana January 19, 2019 - Robert E. Lee Day ... Read More »

20th Dec 2018
November 2018 Restricted Call Dates

Calls to these States on restricted Do Not Call (DNC) dates could result in a potential State violation: All Saints Day, Thursday, November 1stLouisiana All Saints Day is statutory, but not enforced.  Election Day, Tuesday, November 6thRhode IslandLouisiana Veteran's Day, Monday, November 12thAlabamaLouisianaMississippi Rhode Island ... Read More »

30th Oct 2018
October 2018 Restricted Call Dates

October Restricted Do Not Call Dates
Calls to these States on restricted (Do Not Call) dates could result in a potential State violation:
October 8, 2018, Columbus DayUtah, Rhode Island, Alabama, Louisiana
October 8, 2018, Thanksgiving DayCanada (National)

26th Sep 2018
September 2018 Restricted Call Dates

Calls to these states on restricted Do Not Call (DNC) dates could result in a potential violation:

September 3: Labor Day 

Rhode Island 

September 3: Labour Day

Canada - National 

23rd Aug 2018
31 States with Telemarketer Licensing Requirements

Many of these same states also require the placement of a telemarketing surety bond.  Most call centers are unaware that the licensing is required not only for their home state where they call from, but also applies to all the states they call into.  The process, forms and annual dues vary greatly by state.  Thankfully, the cost in most ... Read More »

13th Jun 2018
Bill that will Regulate Sending Call Centers Overseas Slowly Gaining Momentum

A bill that will add extra steps and costs for companies that want to move their call centers overseas was introduced in congress last year. While the bill has a long way to go before it becomes law, it has slowly been gaining momentum. It now has 32 co-sponsors. The bill requires businesses with at least 50 call center employees to notify the ... Read More »

29th Mar 2018
South Carolina Lawmakers Taking Action Against Caller-ID Spoofers

Several South Carolina representatives have signed onto HB 4628, which would make it illegal for telemarketers to call South Carolina residents using spoofed caller-ID information unless the caller has a physical presence in the state. Violators of this law could face a fine of up to $5,000 for each violation. Read the full text of the bill here

13th Mar 2018
Iowa Bill Would Impose $40,000 Fine on Caller-ID Spoofers

Iowa State Senator Ken Rozenboom has introduced a bill that would impose a civil penalty of up to $40,000 upon businesses that are believed to be using caller-ID "spoofing" tactics. Caller-ID spoofing is when the caller uses technology to make a local or familiar number appear on a call recipient's caller-ID. Last year, the FCC proposed a $120 ... Read More »

12th Feb 2018
FTC Announces Annual Maximum Fine Increase for Violations of TSR

The FTC announced last week that the maximum civil fine for violations of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) has increased from $40,654 to $41,484. This is an annual increase that should be expected every January. The increase will soon be reflected in the FTC's Guide for Complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

29th Jan 2018