New York Disaster Emergency Calling Restriction Status

In December 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Nuisance Call Act into law. Among its most significant provisions is the following: It shall be unlawful for any telemarketer doing business in this state to knowingly make an unsolicited telemarketing sales call to any person in a county, city, town or village under a declared state ... Read More »

29th Sept 2021
Delaware telemarketer licenses

Delaware telemarketer licenses  Delaware has modified its telemarketer licenses process such that registrations now automatically expire at the end of the current calendar year, rather than one year from the date of registration.  This seems to contradict the language in Delaware's telemarketing statute; for now though, companies should plan on ... Read More »

16th Sept 2021
Florida's new call volume cap

Florida's new call volume cap Maximum 3 recorded calls in a 30-day period.  By now, we should all be aware of Florida's new call volume cap  (3 calls in a 24-hour period).  Probably more important though is the FCC's relatively new call volume cap that is now in effect.  Recall that on December 30, 2020 the FCC published a Report and Order ... Read More »

16th Sept 2021