Voice broadcasting: America Votes

  • Wednesday, 15th August, 2012
  • 17:44pm

November 4, 2012- Election day, when America will vote for their choice of the next president of the United States. Every vote counts and every person that votes know how important their votes are. Now that the economy is dwindling to it’s lowest all of us are glued to cnn, bbc or fox to get the latest updates on what presidential candidates Romney and Obama have to say about this. It’s very important that each candidate is able to relay their stand on issues that concern the people of America such as employment, economy and health care. Different sides have differing views. Each candidate is spending more and more time doing appearances in every state possible voicing their opinions and platform. Such appearance is made possible by each of their political party and supporters. These group of people work their best to ensure that each political campaign is a success. By way of success I mean that their target of attendance is reached or superseded. All campaign mediums should be tapped in the hope of getting more votes (mainly for those undecided)…To connect directly with each voters electoral candidates have employed voice broadcasting and predictive dialing as a means of effective tools used for their campaign.

Voice broadcasting can dial out thousands of numbers every minute. Imagine sending out a political campaign message to 250,000 people in a certain area within the day. his can only be made possible if you employ voice broadcasting to your campaign. The outbound message can simply be an invitation to attend to a political rally or it can also serve as a survey


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