Voice broadcasting: Get more people to know about your business

  • Tuesday, 26th June, 2012
  • 11:42am

For the past few years voice broadcasting is getting the buzz as an income generating machine– a way to boost lead generation. Voice broadcasting has virtually eliminated cold calling as it eliminates a lot of hurdles experienced by people that primarily use cold calling to generate their master list. Each voice broadcasting message is clearly delivered the way it was recorded 100% of the time. When an answering machine picks up, your message gets saved with all your contact information and your website. When a live person picks up the same thing happens plus — and this is the best part– if they are interested and want to get more information they get to press 1 and voila!… they are yours for the taking. Giving people the option to press 1 during a voice broadcasting call allows them to be more receptive to the purpose of the call. They will want to hear the entire content of the message– when they like what they hear then that’s when they get to press 1. Otherwise, they will simply hang up or press 2 and be removed from the list. As a telemarketer the hard part is over– the people you will be talking to are already pre informed by the message they heard– they pressed 1 because they wanted to confirmation what they heard- and if they like it then you get to close the sale!

Considering that lead generation is a numbers game you will see why voice broadcasting is the front runner in lead generation. The more numbers you dial, the better are your chances of reaching a live person. The more people you talk to, the more are your chances of closing the sale– that’s the concept behind voice broadcasting.

As opposed to hiring 10 people to call 50,000 on a course of two weeks, with voice broadcasting one person is enough to go through these numbers in a week and you don’t even have to dial the numbers. By simply activating your project the voice broadcasting system will dial it for you and will give your phone a ring when someone presses 1. You save a lot with voice broadcasting.


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