Run your small business using voice broadcasting

  • Wednesday, 13th June, 2012
  • 00:00am

As a small-business owner you are responsible for a lot of things. One of the most important thing you do is that of corporate cheerleader. Communication with employees and clients is vital as they look to you for leadership, motivation and guidance. With a small-business owners time and resources stretched thin, how could you use the latest in technology to automate this process?

Voice Broadcasting or Predictive Dialing is the solution! This is an affordable technology that allows small businesses the ability to make a great message, upload a list of recipients and broadcast your message instantly out to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals. InterCloud9 provides the small-business owner an incredible tool to automate many routine processes and deliver a clear consistent message. Since as a small business owner time management is very important, by doing using the voice broadcasting system you get to utilize your time in doing other important tasks rather than getting calloused from constantly dialing the phone. Everything about voice broadcasting is automated. Once launched the virtual phone lines will be opened and will call all the phone numbers that are loaded in the system.

You can send out out greetings to customers, follow ups or inform them of a new product that just arrived. Voice broadcasting has many uses and when used to its full advantage will prove lucrative for any small business.

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