Importance of Voice Broadcasting and Bulk Voice Calling:

  • Wednesday, 31st October, 2012
  • 10:23am

Voice broadcasting and Bulk voice calls are actually digital recordings which are used for mass communication and are widely spreading technologies now days. Bulk voice calls are actually pre recorded voice messages, which can be sent to a land line number or a mobile phone. These are also used for notifications and alerts and also allow you to send advertisements. Thus they aid very much in the marketing also. Bulk Voice Gateway enables you to make a voice broadcast or send sms in bulk.

Bulk Voice calling in a multi-lingual environment:

A country normally has societies, with different spoken languages. There is not a uniformity of languages in any country or throughout the world. Bulk voice calling software has support for multiple languages and it can send the bulk messages in any languages specified, through their multilingual catalogs.

Significance of Voice Broadcasting and Bulk Voice Calling in community:

Voice Broadcasting and bulk voice calling are often used for promotional purposes, notifications community alerts or in business marketing applications. Bulk Voice area has extended now to the applications like Wake up calls,  Political Campaigns, Customer Surveys , Meeting alerts,  Stock Alerts, EMI Alerts, Mobile Marketing, Medicine reminders, fundraising for social purpose etc. These are chosen by a lot of marketers as a definite bridge to reach out to the large niche in their native language to establish a personal touch and trust. Voice broadcast messages are more receptive than other mediums.

Bulk Voice calling for the marketing purposes:

An effective and reliable communication channel is your key to a successful marketing campaign.  For the accomplishment of a successful campaign and your goals, the communication medium should be reliable, fast and effective. Voice broadcasting technology meets all your needs. Voice broadcasted messages could be left on the answering machines, which are guaranteed to be heard. Bulk voice calls and broadcasting effectively establish a customer loyalty because you offer your client’s special sale related information and product discounts and services. Voice broadcasts could be recorded by an owner so that the customers may feel as someone has given them special attention to call them.

Website marketing through voice broadcasting:

Voice broadcasting could be helpful for letting the people know about your online presence. When people are really interested in what you are offering and you tell them about your online presence, the chance of your online popularity will increase. Because, when an interested customer comes to your site, there are great chances that it will stay longer on your site, and thus, it will decrease the bounce rate of your site, which will indirectly give a benefit to you, by improving your site's search engine ranking. Voice broadcasting is a genuine tool through which you can tell people about your website.   

Effect of voice broadcasting (Political Robo Calling) on the political campaigns:

The political robo calling system provides a medium to connect with millions of supporters without having a burden on your pocket. This system increases the chances to success, to a great extent. People could be motivated through your calls, to support you. So you don’t have to hire extra staff or rent specific space. Through the robo calling system, your whole campaign could be launched in minutes. Specific groups could also be targeted and your campaign could run automatically.  But please keep in mind that voice broadcasting for the political campaigns works in the legal boundaries and is always be limited to the federal laws.

What Intercloud9 offers in terms of Voice Broadcasting and Bulk Voice Calling?

We are a leading provider for redundant voice broadcasting services, bulk calling, live transfers and predictive dialing services.  Our voice broadcasting services can send announcements and bulk messages in seconds. After your campaign is deployed, you will have a targeted list of responsive contacts. InterCloud9 offers a wide range of wholesale voice broadcasting pricing options. We give a great value to all of our clients.

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