The Logic behind a Predictive Dialer

  • Wednesday, 24th October, 2012
  • 11:32am

Predictive dialer makes the life of a telemarketer very much easier. The logic behind the developing of a predictive dialing system was that there should be a system which should have the ability to dial a large scale of phone numbers. It checks that which ports are available and are not busy and then forward the calls to that ports. Predictive dialers are largely used in the call centers and there are lots of companies out there, like , which provides these services to the tele marketers. Predictive dialers lessen the burden on the shoulders of a tele marketer and switch it to the computer, which has an algorithm to run the predictive dialing process. Predictive dialers could be programmed to stop automatically at the specified hours, like break etc.

 Before the development of the predictive dialers, auto dialers were used excessively in the market. In the auto dialer process a computer system is programmed to dial a group of calls automatically. Auto dialers are responsible for detecting whether a live agent is present there for receiving the call. If it finds one, it hands over the call to that agent. A recorded message could also be played till the time, when the auto dialer not finds an appropriate agent. The difference between the predictive dialer and an auto dialer is that, the predictive dialer actually predicts that when would be an agent be available for a call and for this purpose, it uses a complex algorithm, also known as the “Predictive Dialer Algorithm”.  Predictive dialers usually dial more calls then the agents available and then on the basis of its algorithmic feed, it switches the customer, to the available agent, because it is an estimated time interval statistics, which an agent spends on a call.

A predictive dialer goes on increasing and decreasing the number of calls,, on the basis of statistics, which it is collecting continuously.  The “Predictive Dialer Software” is the actual thing, which provides the flexibility and dials the calls automatically, but the predictive dialers could be of types like hardware platform and hosted platforms, however, predictive dialer software can also be used in conjunction with these. A hosted platform does the same process but it is internet based. A hosted platform is very much beneficial for the multi site or the multi shore companies. The other companies which also use predictive dialers are debt collection and survey companies.  Survey companies usually work on a specific location and get the phone numbers, related to that area.

The use of the predictive dialers in an industry can result in increasing the efficiency. In places, where computer systems are loaded with a big list of phone numbers, predictive dialers play a vital role there, to manage the work load. There are a lot of companies out there which provides the predictive dialers software and related services.

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