With voice broadcasting and predictive dialing we don’t just allow you to achieve something we make it a success for you!

Most successful business people in this contemporary time know how helpful this type of marketing technology is. Now, anyone can start a business. However, for a business to work and prosper it needs a proven system to succeed. Let’s take this a notch further you not only need a system but an automated system such as a voice broadcasting or predictive dialing to stay in front of new or existing clients.

InterCloud9 has the technology to increase the response rate of your marketing campaigns by reaching a live person or answering machine at an incredibly fast rate. Basically, this technology is your online partner or customer service rep.

Our intelligent voice broadcasting solution is a revolutionary, completely Web-based, and unique communications platform which delivers messages to any type of voice mail or answering machine platform. The system enables corporate customers to initiate personalized one-on-one communications among thousands of people - clients, employees, or prospects - and their organizations. With only one phone call to record the message and an easy scheduling of the voice blast date(s) and time(s) online, everything is ready to go and only a click away.

Use the lowest per-contact solution in the market and increase your lead-generation activities while taking advantage of all our services:

* Record your message via a phone call

* Full customer support for scripting and recording

* Select your targets – SalesDataPro.com provides qualified phone lists

* Millions of messages: high-volume message delivery

* Automated management of removal requests and no-call-list integration

* Real-time reports on broadcast status online

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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