Voice Broadcasting is Easy!

  • Thursday, 20th September, 2012
  • 17:40pm

A new revolution in the voice broadcasting industry has proven its significant role catered to the need of delivering the message. Years passed and until this fast paced contmporary time, political campaign, SEO, SEM, merchant processing, insurance, small busines, and almost all other forms of business have utilized this technology and has proven its efficiency. Undeniably, Voice Broadcasting and predictive dialing is the present’s time best advertsing, marketing, or lead generating solution. Voice broadcasting is used successfully by many industries and organizations as an effective means of generating live leads and communicating corporate voice messages, informational messages, advertising and promotional campaigns, past due notices, reminders and verifications. Although there were a lot of remarkable stories from those who tried it, and although a bunch of testimonies can be stories told by our clients, still some find this technology hard to manage. And we prove them wrong!

Here is what we need to take that step ahead…a pre recorded message (that can either be your own voice or our professional voice talent) then, phone numbers and at an extremely fair and cost effective bunch of calls you are all set to initiate your campaign. Significantly, Voice broadcasting sees the huge importance of the numbers to call (which can either be your own list or one provided by www.SalesDataPro.com). Thus, our system is capable of calling only the desired numbers at a specific area you wish to penetrate depending of course on the nature of your campaign. If you wish to call or not to call mobile phone numbers, not a problem! one click on a box and you’re all set. Last thing, we ensure that no numbers in the DNC list are being called unless of course under a reasonable circumstance (like nationwide/political campaign, non profit campaign, or if it’s client based).

With Voice Broadcasting, messages are either delivered to answering machine only, live person only, or both. So, whether you are delivering a broadcast message or do the Press 1 campaign, we deliver your message each and every time at the lowest prices you can imagine.

So easy!


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