Government and Emergency Auto Dialer and Messaging

InterCloud9s Auto Dialer Solutions are the most cost effective vehicle for delivering to your Government or Emergency message requirements in real time. . Voice Broadcasting for Government and Emergency Announcements

With InterCloud9's automated messaging solutions IVR Voice Broadcasting (mass pre recorded voice notification - surveys), Ringless Voice Messaging (leave a pre recorded voice message without the ring), SMS Text Marketing (group messaging and polling with reporting) you are in complete control of your major initiatives. Use the power of interCloud9 to set up an efficient, effective and reliable Government or Emergency notification system. Whether you are a public, private or agency intercloud9 offers a notification system that can send out an urgent announcement via a pre recorded voice message on time every time. Using our system is extremely easy and setup only takes a matter of minutes – sign up, add your contacts, record a message and send that message to everyone instantly.

With our in depth reporting you can see the activity on each number to see who answered, who did not. With interCloud9's secure web interface you are in complete control of sending out campaigns to support all of your major initiatives, including:

Check Emergency Notifications
Check Community Alerts
Check Resource Information
Check Law Enforcement Announcements
Check Evacuation Preparation
Check Sever Weather Notifications

InterCloud9's comprehensive web interface, feature rich and almost any idea can be turned into reality. At interCloud9, we challenge traditional "can't do" thinking to bring your creative initiatives to fruition. InterCloud9's experts will assist you with every aspect of your messaging requirement including customized applications. Call us today for special discounts that apply to Government agencies.

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Auto Dialer and Messaging Benefits for Government or Emergency Services

Check Cost effective method for reaching the masses
Check 100% Cloud Based use form anywhere
Check Deliver information on a time critical basis
Check Save contact management time and money
Check Increase awareness and recognition
Check Simple and Easy to understand reporting
Check Quick implementation for new initiatives
Check Real time reporting to track performance
Check Complete control of campaign puts you in the driver's seat

Why Choose interCloud9 for your Auto Dialer Solution

We truly grasp what it takes for your company or organization to excel within your industry and our marketing solutions have a proven track record of helping companies add growth to their bottom line.

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