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Monday, 08 April 2013 02:00

Business management with a predictive dialer.

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The first step for any call center is hiring the right representatives. The second is giving them the right tools to do the job. A predictive dialer is the best tool for a call center agent as it speeds up efficiency, productivity and eliminates downtime. Significant attention is always necessary in hiring the call center professionals and some things to look at when using a predictive dialer is typing speed, accurateness, computer literacy, as well as previous industry experience. To offer the best support for clients, call center agents should have adequate knowledge of the services and products they are offering. Having a well thought out training program will lead to improved preparation and is necessary to get the customer's questions appropriately answered. Increased performance and productivity of a call center can be achieved by employing quality agents that use a predictive dialer.

Here are some of the different uses of a predictive dialer:

1) Business events
2) New manufactured goods marketing
3) Extraordinary sales announcements
4) Purchaser surveys
5) Elector registration
6) Community announcements
7) Fundraising
8) Service pickup/delivery phone notifications
9) Service reminders

Predictive dialers are the most commonly used dialers in call centers. These are automated dialing systems which place calls by dialing numbers without human intervention on behalf of the company and helps to manage the calling list with a CRM. When manually dialing agents often encounter problems of undeliverable calls such as no answers, busy, fax, or some other issue where the call cannot be completed. A predictive dialer skips over all of these calls allowing the representatives to take care of the person on the line while the dialer brings another individual on the line. This saves a great deal of time and allows the agents to handle more prospects with hardly any downtime.

Successful call center executives know how to increase and sustain customer relations. Having a sociable and welcoming individual on the line ready to talk to prospects and customers is a necessity. The representative needs to know how to sell to customers and negotiate issues. They should be watchful of the fact that an existing customer is always easier to retain, no matter how much he/she is difficult to deal with. Good agents are able to calm the tension of the person on the call, and better the chances of retaining them. Sufficient knowledge of phone manners is also fairly significant for a customer care representative. If an executive is knowledgeable in these skills, he/she would be able to turn every incoming or outgoing call into an opportunity.

The responsibility of a customer care representative is to communicate with clients and potential clients. Good communication skills become an indispensable characteristic of the successful agent. A good communicator is a good listener as well. The agent should have enough patience to listen to all that a customer has to say, and then offer a practical solution to the problem. Customers want themselves to be heard. This is the reason they prefer speaking to live agents rather than with an automated system. A quality agent should be cognizant of this and keep listening and comprehending as the first steps in any conversation.

Monday, 01 April 2013 02:00

Make high profits through a predictive dialer.

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Could your business use increased profits? Of course it can. Using a predictive dialer has become very popular in many industries and the reviews have been outstanding. Here are some examples of the types of businesses using these time saving systems: Free Credit Checking, Credit Building, Free Legal Advice, Office Depot Discounts & Savings, Website Building and Hosting Service, Check Guarantee, Pre-employment screening, Healthcare Benefits, Payroll Solutions, 500 Min Domestic Calling Card. And that’s just to name a few, businesses are finding that with a predictive dialer it speeds up your agent’s time, and time is money.

The fact cannot be denied that using predictive dialer services are an unbelievable option. With so many different types of businesses using this tool, it is worth taking a look at. All businesses using such services that we contacted have returned incredible reviews. One reviewer claimed that it helps her business stay in touch with clients at really wonderful prices. The reality is that you will save money by opting for such a technology. It is always advisable for businesses to find new techniques which improve competency and profitability.

We should begin by acknowledging the basic obligation of any small business: Maximize sales and reduce cost. The predictive dialer helps to fulfill these points in the following ways:

Increasing business: With a predictive dialer you reach more prospects faster than traditional dialing methods. More prospects equal more sales which mean increased profits. This is a system that significantly increases the productivity when your staff does not have the motivation to place calls day after day. This way the staff working at the call center can talk to live prospects and provide them with the products and services needed to increase sales and profits. With the help of a predictive dialer they never have to dial a single number and wait for someone to answer.

These systems are used by individuals all the way up to large call centers. The number of calls made by the software is 400% higher than the calls made by a person sitting at the call center dialing by hand, thus increasing productivity. It automatically places calls to increase the efficiency by targeting the sales and leads provided in the database. The system has call throttling which increases or decreases the rate at which it dials numbers on behalf of an agent to ensure idle time is minimal. Setting up a system is easy and there are companies out there that can have you up and running within minutes. Once you find the one that is right for you, you will see an increase in productivity and profits immediately.

Monday, 04 February 2013 02:00

Getting to Know Predictive Dialing

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A predictive dialer is a system that uses a special file of account information loaded into the interface which will be dialed with more phone lines than there are agents available. It is a system which automatically dials a list of telephone numbers from that file, routing calls to available operators. This technology is also set up with certain rules to move past time-wasting calls such as no answers, busy signals and in some cases, answering machines and other devices that the operator would like to be processed automatically or ignored. Due to the use of mathematical algorithms in the predictive dialer, it minimizes the wastage of time an agent/user will spend waiting between calls with prospects.

There are three different types of predictive dialers which are VoIP predictive dialers, hosted predictive dialers and web based dialers. The dialer uses an algorithm to filter calls. It is also facilitated with features like handling “do not call” lists. For volume utilization it is the best choice available. The dialer comes with a capacity to manage call blending and time zones. The objective of a predictive dialer is to connect an agent with a potential client as soon as a call is finished without wasting any time.

Among the above mentioned types, the most successful one is the hosted predictive dialer. A hosted platform for this modern technology is very beneficial for multi-site companies. Other companies which also use predictive dialers are debt-collection and survey companies. Survey companies usually work on a specific location and dial the phone numbers related to that area. Predictive dialers are largely used in call centers where they provide these services to their telemarketers. This modern technology lessens the burden on the shoulders of a telemarketer and switches it to the software, which has the algorithm to run the predictive dialing process. The software can be programmed to stop automatically at specified hours, such as breaks or the end of the work day. There are many good companies which provide efficient predictive dialing services.

The hosted predictive dialing software is an efficient marketing tool for outbound call centers which are dealing with insurance, sales or other relevant campaigns. Furthermore, it allows the call centers to manage their clients in a more effective way by offering increased sales and production ratio, along with better business efficiencies. For outbound call centers the streamlined, proper and uninterrupted call flow is one of the important aspects. The predictive dialer solution aids in minimizing the time an agent spends between the active calls, while minimizing the call flow accordingly based on the available agents and per agent average call time. Additionally, as discussed earlier, the predictive dialer is also known as a hosted predictive dialing system or a call processing system. Apart from offering a high level of cost efficiency and lead utilization, it also eliminates all the unnecessary calls such as answering machines, fax machines, busy signals, invalid numbers, etc. and transfers only the answered calls to the agents.

Using predictive dialers in an industry can result in increasing the efficiency. In places where computer systems are loaded with large lists of phone numbers, these play a vital role there to assist in managing the work load. It performs by increasing and decreasing the number of calls, on the basis of statistics, which it is collecting continuously. The predictive dialer software is a platform which provides connected calls to agents and dials calls automatically in the background creating an influx of prospects ready to be sold. There are other forms of dialers that are hardware platforms and hosted platforms as discussed above; however, this software can also be used in conjunction with these. A hosted platform performs the same process yet accessed exclusively through the internet.

Monday, 29 July 2013 02:00

The flexible architecture of a predictive dialer.

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The predictive dialer is a system which would has the ability to dial a large list of phone numbers. It continuously checks which agents are available and are not busy. It then transmits the calls to these available agents. Before the invention of the predictive dialing system, auto dialers were used in a huge number in the field. In the auto dialer process, software is programmed to dial a list of calls automatically. These dialers are responsible for detecting whether a live agent is present for receiving the call. If it finds that port, it delivers the call to that agent. A recorded message can also be played while the prospect waits for the auto dialer to find an available agent. The predictive dialer predicts that when there would be an agent, available for a call and for this purpose, it uses a mathematical algorithm. This is a basic difference between a predictive dialer and an auto dialer. They usually dial a number of calls and based on the number of agents and when the agent is available and then on the basis of its statistics, it switches the potential customer to the available agent, because it has an estimated time interval statistics which an agent spends on a call. Predictive dialers make the life of an online marketer much easier. Some predictive dialer systems have a huge efficiency and productivity level not available in other common dialing systems. The agents have the option during a call to click on the "3rd party message" button or "answering machine message" button . When the "answering machine message" mode is selected, it plays the pre recorded message to the answering machine, allowing the port to be available for the next generated call. If the "3rd party message" button is clicked, it allows for the 3rd party to come on the line to the calling party, and the agent can release the call or release the 3rd party depending on what the call needs. The good news regarding this software is that it is very much cheap and has a flexible architecture that works well in multiple sites and distributed places. Besides its advantages, however it also has a few disadvantages. The old dialers make errors in classifications of calls and some of the older PBXs have difficulty to operate with the configuration of the soft dialer. Other types of dialers include the hard dialers, smart predictive dialers, hosted dialers and hybrid dialers. Each of these types has their own set of characteristics. A company should keep everything in consideration before going for a particular type. A hosted predictive dialer is the type of dialer which is hosted on a web server. One of the outstanding features of this dialer system is that it has the ability to makes the agents virtual. This means that the agents are not required to be physically present at the office and still they can be the part of the call center. This hosted system, just like any other predictive dialing system can detect answering machines, busy tones, fax tones and no answers and deliver only the legitimate calls to the agents. This makes the dialing process more efficient and the agents more fruitful. This dialer has a virtual intelligence system that can distribute calls equally to the available agents. Another important feature of predictive dialer is that it does not dial the National Do Not Call Registry telephone numbers. This can eliminate unnecessary complaints or legal actions against the call center.

Monday, 08 July 2013 02:00

The inner workings of a predictive dialer.

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Predictive dialers are a combination of both software and hardware which help large businesses and companies in administering customer calls. This technology is critical especially for big call centers and other communication related organizations. This dialer can handle multiple calls and automatically forwards them to available call agents. This effectively serves to minimize the time wasted in redialing by eliminating unresponsive calls. This system possesses automated voice detection capabilities in addition to caller blending capacity so as to maximize customer service. Basically, the dialer works by redirecting calls of customers to available agents and ensures that minimal interruptions occur in the process. This ensures that agents are highly productive and that customer satisfaction is achieved. In order for a business to be successful, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Therefore, the dialer can help your business in achieving maximum productivity at the same time ensuring that your customers remain satisfied. Another important function a predictive dialer performs is that it filters specific lists of telephone numbers. For example, it can screen out those numbers that are registered under Do Not Call Registry. Additionally, it can also filter those numbers such as busy tones, no answer, fax tones, no signal, answering machine, etc. This will ultimately increases the agents calling time to the potential customers. This can in turn reduce wastage of labor to a great extent. This auto dialer system also skips the call if your call is ignored. It dials other numbers automatically in the given list and saves a lot of time. This is the system which has the ability to generate reports whenever you need. It can print out different reports like call codes, calling schedules, call reminders, etc. this system also remembers your data and informs you when you have achieved your particular sales lead target. In all this is the system that controls and facilitate your job and serves you brilliantly to give positive results. It definitely helps you in generating higher returns on your investments. To the people that are receiving the call on the other end, they will not know that there has been predictive dialer software that has made the call and not the call center representative. There is no difference when the agent talks to the caller and with no issues, the calls can go fast. Activating a predictive dialer is easy, it can be done very simply and in a matter of few minutes really; so the first thing that you will have to do to install and activate a predictive dialer is install the software. All instructions on the computer screen should be followed. Now, put in a test number in, it probably would be best to try your home phone and see how simple it is to use the predictive dialer.

Monday, 01 July 2013 02:00

Predictive dialer software and its importance.

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Predictive dialer software has made the work of call center agents much easier. With the help of these tools, it has become simpler for the call center staff to manage the data, make calls and prepare reports. This software is the best combination of technology and the latest digital tools. Using this software, a huge amount of phone numbers can be dialed automatically, following an organized database and keep a record of your daily targets and goals. If you are an owner of a call center and want to purchase predictive dialer software for your company then you can easily browse through different online websites which offer these services and can find a program that best suits your requirements. With a single click of mouse, you can easily download beneficial software within a few minutes.

A predictive dialer uses a statistical algorithm which predicts when to dial a phone number, while many different factors are there, which can include the average number of rings before a person picks up the phone, average length of the phone call, percentage of dialed phone calls that are answered, average length of talk time on each phone call, and number of agents on the system.

These auto dialers have a range of tools from message delivery, e-mails and recycling of call files. With real time supervision and other functions for ultimate output, it is a valued asset. This type of dialer is also known as soft dialer. It is basically software which can make use of the VoIP service to call. The system does not need any equipment other than a broadband internet connection and a computer. As a matter of fact, current technology has enabled the software based predictive dialers to work better than the hardware based dialers. The major improvements in the telecom field have brought about technology advancements beneficial to the industry. A huge list of features is now found in the software which has minimized the costs and increased flexibility.

The benefits of using predictive dialers are huge. The major benefit is that it improves the productivity of a company. The program makes sure that only connected calls reach the agent. This definitely saves time that is wasted on non-connected calls and also on calls that are invalid. Another advantage is that it is very easy to use and even an inexperienced agent can learn it in very little time. The program also enables the management of the call centre to make sure that the agents are following the rules and regulations of the centre. This ensures that the business will move on smoothly and will increase productivity by a good margin. Today, no call center business can run properly without a predictive dialer system. These all are some major advantages which an organization will surely get if they have this dialer system installed. People are wondering how to choose this contact center software for their computer? They need to think about a lot of aspects before purchasing this system. People should decide on the software which is matched with their needs and system. Another thing to remember is that it must be integrated with advanced technology. Think about all the aspects and after that, buy efficient software which suits ones calling needs. A predictive dialer as well as a hosted predictive dialer has proven itself as the ideal solution for business that wants to promote their products and services via telemarketing.

Predictive dialer technology is generally used by telemarketing companies and firms which are involved in business to business and business to consumer calling. Predictive dialers allow the agents more time to be in contact with the customer. Debt collection organizations and survey companies that need to contact and personally speak to people by telephone may also use these dialer services. To automate all sorts of calls, these auto dialers are used as a quick and easy way rather than manually by a call center, such as welcome calls for new customers or customer service callbacks. These systems have features such as interactive voice response, automatic call distribution and call recording are some of the added new features to the auto dialer and predictive dialer capabilities.

Deploying a predictive dialing system is an excellent approach to run your call center business effectively. It has the capability to improve and contour various functions as well as it can also increase the productivity of the managers and calling agents as well. It performs the major call center task of dialing your contact lists. The first and most important operation that a predictive dialer performs is to manage calls in an effective manner. With the built in artificial intelligence, it takes the calls and delivers them out to the agents. Hence, it will increase their efficiency and productivity.

Most auto dialer software generally allow sales reps to dial a huge volume of leads, but predictive dialers carry out this by calling more numbers than there are available sales representatives or agents. When a call made by the dialer is answered there is a chance that there will be no sales reps to talk to that lead. These calls are generally dropped and those leads are then wasted. Once you have a predictive dialer and get it all set up, you have to feed this dialer a list of phone numbers. Its primary function is to find people to answer the phone calls and let agents talk to them. If the software system does the dialing method, you will always be able to talk to more people in a specified time period.

Depending on the needs of your company, prices of dialers can range from $3,000 to $50,000. The more expensive models have advanced features which the dialers with low price lack. Most dealers of the components of dialers could be accessible through their websites in the internet. After purchasing any of these systems, additional services like shipping, installation, maintenance and training of users are also provided. Predictive dialer systems are getting very popular. More and more firms are using these systems to get in touch with their clients and calling agents. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business, if you need to call people in large numbers this is the perfect solution for you. Various companies like collection agencies, telemarketing and others are using these systems and are getting many benefits from it.

If your company or organization requires a communication solution for managing customer relationships, the predictive dialer would be the best option. This will help you increase your productivity exponentially and therefore generate more sales. This will make your business more profitable.

Outbound order processing systems provide efficient tracking of data and have been used for years, which may exist in one form or another. Many companies employ outbound calling and telemarketing campaigns to reach a larger customer base. The growth and proficiency of any business directly depends on its ability to contact new prospects. Yet, the old outbound telemarketing concept of dialing by hand proves to be less economic now. Low efficiency of telemarketing is due to the fact that customers cannot place their orders right away when they receive a call from your agents. Now, it is consequential to apply a new aspect to the transaction and order processing, which is to integrate two systems that would convert returning visitors to customers by making them place an order, but also quick processing of those orders. Accounting systems and external inventory systems could also be integrated with online processing systems.

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What should be kept in mind in a call monitoring project.

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Call System monitoring is a technique for increasing sales and customer service. The call monitoring system has a great effect over the entire call center operation, the actual implementation and selection of a call recording component is a a huge responsibility for the telecom team. The call tracking and quality is always a part of the conversation when an enterprise team is considering purchasing a new call monitoring system, whether by that of the calling system or from an internal role.

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