Getting to Know Predictive Dialing

A predictive dialer is a system which automatically dials a list of telephone numbers from that file, routing calls to available operators. This technology is also set up with certain rules to move past time-wasting calls such as no answers, busy signals and in some cases, answering machines and other devices that the operator would like to be processed automatically or ignored. Due to the use of mathematical algorithms in the predictive dialer, it minimizes the wastage of time an agent/user will spend waiting between calls with prospects.

There are three different types of predictive dialers which are VoIP predictive dialers, hosted predictive dialers and web based dialers. The dialer uses an algorithm to filter calls. It is also facilitated with features like handling “do not call” lists. For volume utilization it is the best choice available. The dialer comes with a capacity to manage call blending and time zones. The objective of a predictive dialer is to connect an agent with a potential client as soon as a call is finished without wasting any time.

Among the above mentioned types, the most successful one is the hosted predictive dialer. A hosted platform for this modern technology is very beneficial for multi-site companies. Other companies which also use predictive dialers are debt-collection and survey companies. Survey companies usually work on a specific location and dial the phone numbers related to that area. Predictive dialers are largely used in call centers where they provide these services to their telemarketers. This modern technology lessens the burden on the shoulders of a telemarketer and switches it to the software, which has the algorithm to run the predictive dialing process. The software can be programmed to stop automatically at specified hours, such as breaks or the end of the work day. There are many good companies which provide efficient predictive dialing services.

The hosted predictive dialing software is an efficient marketing tool for outbound call centers which are dealing with insurance, sales or other relevant campaigns. Furthermore, it allows the call centers to manage their clients in a more effective way by offering increased sales and production ratio, along with better business efficiencies. For outbound call centers the streamlined, proper and uninterrupted call flow is one of the important aspects. The predictive dialer solution aids in minimizing the time an agent spends between the active calls, while minimizing the call flow accordingly based on the available agents and per agent average call time. Additionally, as discussed earlier, the predictive dialer is also known as a hosted predictive dialing system or a call processing system. Apart from offering a high level of cost efficiency and lead utilization, it also eliminates all the unnecessary calls such as answering machines, fax machines, busy signals, invalid numbers, etc. and transfers only the answered calls to the agents.

Using predictive dialers in an industry can result in increasing the efficiency. In places where computer systems are loaded with large lists of phone numbers, these play a vital role there to assist in managing the work load. It performs by increasing and decreasing the number of calls, on the basis of statistics, which it is collecting continuously. The predictive dialer software is a platform which provides connected calls to agents and dials calls automatically in the background creating an influx of prospects ready to be sold. There are other forms of dialers that are hardware platforms and hosted platforms as discussed above; however, this software can also be used in conjunction with these. A hosted platform performs the same process yet accessed exclusively through the internet.