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Voice broadcasting or bulk voice calls are actually digital recordings which are used for mass communication and are widely spreading technologies these days. These calls are prerecorded voice messages, which can be sent to a land line number or a mobile phone. Voice Broadcasting is an amazing technological invention which enables a company to get a custom message recorded automatically and then deliver that message to a list of customers or prospects phone numbers. The company only needs to maintain a comprehensive database of contacts, which it intends to target for sales promotion of their product or service. Operating on similar lines of carrying through bulk e-mails (a proven successful internet marketing promotional technique), a single phone call can let hundreds of people know about a particular product. Voice broadcasting programs come loaded with many features and options that aid the company in its endeavor.

Voice Broadcasting enables a single company to establish contact with a vast multitude of its customers instantly and disseminate its intended message to them interactively. Without a voice broadcasting service in place, a company would have to maintain a vast fleet of telemarketers and necessary infrastructure to reach out to the plethora of customers. When not using this service, this means more cost towards hiring highly skilled telemarketers and wastage of valuable hours each day looking for business. The success ratio is minimal too as most customers hang up upon hearing the telemarketing staff's voice. With voice broadcasting you get the same results, without all the hang ups wasting the agents’ time.

The VB software has the capability to detect busy signals and incorrect numbers. Broadcasting programs enable inclusion of personalized information into the message piece and allow an interactive voice session through IVR mode. The advanced version of VB setup comes bundled with telephony boards that can detect answering machines. The intrinsic logic of the voice broadcasting software, upon being stimulated by an answering device, will observe and recognize the exact moment when to initiate the message; or will disconnect if the company prefers to call the number later when the customer will potentially be available.

Customization of the software can be steered directly by company authorities. Voice broadcasting has gradually evolved as an effective and advanced form of communication lending an edge to many businesses looking to improve their marketing in a cost effective way. A company using broadcasting can get the call delivery scheduled and then get the message sent out as per their requirement any time. Also, a fixed schedule can be opted for wherein a customized message can be broadcasted to masses, maintained in the phone list database, at a designated day and time as needed. It can be setup weekly and even monthly as well.

Broadcasting has gained immense popularity in recent years for community and government campaigning and fundraising. The organization gets to send alerts, messages, notifications, or any message of importance. The message can often be dispatched in a matter of seconds through the web interface.

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