Voice Broadcasting: Valuing your time!

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I personally adhere to the fact that we always have time enough if we use it right. I value time as it is my most valuable asset, I would not kill it, and spend it rather than invest it.

Voice Broadcasting through interCloud9 has a lot of advantages. Some of these include: the opportunity to add numbers to the In-House DO-NOT-CALL List, changing scheduled broadcasting hours and dates, turning your campaign active or blocked in real time, personalizing your message and delivering it to voicemail, live people or both, dialing thousands in less than an hour, no software to download or hardware to install, and many others. The best thing this service offers is that it defeats wasting time chasing prospects. Its efficiency is really remarkable! Try it and you will understand.

So what do you need? Well if you have the message, the volume of calls, and the phone numbers then you should be good to go. To get in the system and launch your campaign is really easy. You just need a username and password, do an online tutorial or have a customer representative walk you through the process upload the message, and your phone numbers in the system and furnish the time and date to start and the rest will be as easy as you can imagine.

So, if you really value your time then use it wisely now. Voice Broadcasting is ready to help.

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