Voice Broadcasting How it Works

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It is hassle-free thus, providing a higher volume of favorable response rates. We may sound redundant but again we're more encouraged to let you know how this technology works.

Voice broadcasting is a message delivery service that plays your pre-recorded message on your customer’s answering machine, voice mail service, or even to a “live” person - depending on the type of campaign you choose. 

Voice broadcasting is so cost-effective. The reason why is that our response rates are high per dollar spent. Depending on your needs, our Voice broadcasting Service can be programmed to automatically search out answering machines and voice mail boxes ONLY, or “live” people ONLY…or even a combination of BOTH. We target your selected database, leaving a powerful personalized message from your company.

Another notable advantage with this technology is that an investment in equipment or software is not required. All you have to do is log in on line, record your message, up load data, schedule a time to start making calls and your done. Real-time reporting of results provide you with both a summary and detailed information about your voice broadcasts.

Voice broadcasting can be a powerful tool that puts your company immediately in touch with your customers. Use voice broadcasting for essentially any situation where there is a need to dispense information quickly to a large group of people.

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