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Voice Broadcasting is an amazing technological invention which enables companies or individuals to get a custom message recorded automatically and then convey the same message to a list of customer's phone numbers. The user only needs a database of its contacts phone numbers, which it intends to target for the sales or promotion of a product or service. Combining other forms of marketing such as email or paper mailing campaigns followed up with a single phone call can get hundreds of people to know about a particular product in the same day. The voice broadcasting program comes loaded with a manifold of features and options that aid the company in its endeavor.

Voice Broadcast technology enables a single company to establish contact with a vast multitude of its customers instantly and disseminate its intended message to them interactively. Without a vb service in place, a company would have to maintain a vast fleet of telemarketers and the necessary infrastructure to reach out to such a plethora of customers. This cost of hiring telemarketers to make the calls manually far out weighs the benefit 9 out of 10 times. Additionally the success ratio is minimal too as most customers hang up upon hearing the telemarketing voice.

The calling campaigns can be maintained by the companies management and started or stopped as needed. Voice Broadcasting has gradually evolved as an effective and advanced form of communication lending a an edge to business groups. Also, a fixed schedule can be opted for with a customized message and designated to any day and time of the week required.

The VB software has a ability to detect busy signals, incorrect numbers and operator intercepts. This platform enables the inclusion of a interactive voice session through IVR mode for polling and surveys. The internal logic of the voice broadcasting software will detect and recognize when to initiate the message for a live person or answering machine and play the appropriate message and required.

This technology has gained an immense popularity in recent years for marketing business products and political campaigning in addition to commercial speculates. The end user or company can send alerts, messages, notifications and product or service updates in a matter of seconds through web based portal.

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