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Voice Broadcasting: Stepping Ahead!

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Do you have a dream for your business that you want to pursue? If you do, have you taken the first step that is needed in attaining it? Taking a first step can be the hardest decision you make.

Voice Broadcasting being a primary option for businesses driven to prosper. Starting your business with voice broadcasting is a worthwhile option and we personally believe that this online tool is a critical step in attaining what every business desires. This system has been a wonderful tool in helping our clients get theie messages out to a huge group of customers all within minutes. This technology reduces your telemarketing efforts thus improving your marketing strategies. Going back to the basics, Voice Broadcasting is the broadcasting of a pre-recorded message using the telephone, from a list of numbers uploaded into the system. Voice broadcasting campaigns are extremely easy and setup requires only a few simple steps. We will provide you with the support required to deliver your voice broadcast message at the lowest cost you possible. 

Undeniably, Voice Broadcasting is an essential tool in any industry that is in need of generating more income, and need for a large scale marketing and communication.

A single step with Voice broadcasting allows your business to travel miles.

Monday, 03 December 2012 02:00

Believe in the power of the voice

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And what do people consider to be necessary in lean times?

Starting a business is one of those huge, life-altering events. Savvy business entrepreneurs consider the best strategy as one which is tried and true.

Voice Broadcasting has been tried and it has proven its worth for businesses who utilized the service. Year 2012 has been significant for those who have taken advantage of this online marketing tool. It provides an easy to follow system that is inexpensive, extremely systematic and easy. Anyone can maneuver it and the system is really quite simple. A message is being recorded for a distinct purpose whether about a product or service you would like to advertise, or a school official telling parents about an upcoming event. When targeted prospects listen, the message is can be played for answering machines or by a live person giving them the option to press 1 to be transferred live right to your office representative or press 2 to be opt out. Basically, voice broadcasting aims at providing a fast and an efficient tool to allow your name, product and service to circulate among consumers or businesses.

Voice broadcasting is a very powerful sales tool that can be utilize to it’s fullest potential. Expensive mass media, like TV, and newspaper finds no way to equal the power of voice broadcasting in its ability to touch prospects and customers in a significant personal manner.

Believe in the power of the voice

Monday, 26 November 2012 02:00

Small Business Survival: Surviving in lean times

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Looking at the economic platform before us and trying to imagine what the near future will bring…. hard-work, innovative minds, and utilization of a proven marketing tool is critical. Small-business experts have speculated that in a recession, more business will outsource work they used to do in-house. This means a great chance for small businesses. Now, you choose the method that would best complement your product or service and devise a way to make it unique and attractive to customers. Here as a tool that when combined to any of the ideas mentioned will greatly improve awareness of your product or service and will drive more customers to buy it.

In the previous years, voice broadcasting was a blast. It has played an important role and has became a catalyst of significant change to small business. The choice for your marketing tool is relevant in your pursuit to succeed in your small business. A lot of choices are available but very few of them will atop the rest. Voice Broadcasting has spoken…it has proven its efficiency in attaining a remarkable turnout of positive response from recipients. Voice Broadcasting has generated millions of sales leads significantly augmenting positive a response rate. Its incredible range of quality services has been utilized by a huge number of leading advertising agencies, and small business owners to generate interested prospects. Moreover, Voice broadcasting saves you time from needless calling of uninterested recipients and it saves you money paying telemarketers to dial for you.

Voice Broadcasting helps business survive in lean times.

Monday, 08 October 2012 02:00

Voice Broadcasting: Guiding you to the right path!

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You have a great idea and want to start a business be your own boss, determine your own hours, all of the things that you have always wanted to do.  However, make sure that your business will be a success. Having a great idea is only a part of the formula for success. Many business owners do not have business plans because they feel that the task for actually preparing the business plan is too hard to do by themselves. This is like going on a vacation to a far away destination without planning how to get there. You are going to become lost on the way, wasting time and money. Arriving to your destination on time and in the most efficient manner does not happen by accident. It comes from careful planning and careful choice of your business tool.

Voice Broadcasting reassures that you are doing the right thing at the right time with the righ tool. Voice Broadcasting has paved the way for automated calling. This state of the art automated system has virtually revolutionized the world of telemarketing. No more long waits for someone to answer, no more repeated spiels to be delivered to answering machines, no more talking to uninterested parties. Everything is set when you use the voice broadcasting system.

The role of voice broadcasting translates into direct savings, either delivering your message to answering machine or live person or by allowing your call center to handle more calls per day with the same number of agents, or by allowing you to reduce your staff significantly while handling the same call volume. Voice Broadcasting campaigns are so easy to launch. All you need is your data or the numbers you wish to call and a pre recorded greeting. Once these are uploaded to the system then you will just have to schedule when to start calling. Once active if the call is picked up either by an answering machine or a live person your pre-recorded phone message is played. It can also be set so that a person is given the option to press a number to get more information or to be connected to you and another number for them to be removed from the calling list.  The system can make several attempts to redial no answers, bad numbers or busy signals numbers until the time to stop is reached.

Outbound order processing systems provide efficient tracking of data and have been used for years, which may exist in one form or another. Many companies employ outbound calling and telemarketing campaigns to reach a larger customer base. The growth and proficiency of any business directly depends on its ability to contact new prospects. Yet, the old outbound telemarketing concept of dialing by hand proves to be less economic now. Low efficiency of telemarketing is due to the fact that customers cannot place their orders right away when they receive a call from your agents. Now, it is consequential to apply a new aspect to the transaction and order processing, which is to integrate two systems that would convert returning visitors to customers by making them place an order, but also quick processing of those orders. Accounting systems and external inventory systems could also be integrated with online processing systems.

Monday, 24 September 2012 02:00

What should be kept in mind in a call monitoring project.

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Call System monitoring is a technique for increasing sales and customer service. The call monitoring system has a great effect over the entire call center operation, the actual implementation and selection of a call recording component is a a huge responsibility for the telecom team. The call tracking and quality is always a part of the conversation when an enterprise team is considering purchasing a new call monitoring system, whether by that of the calling system or from an internal role.

Monday, 17 September 2012 02:00

An overview of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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 Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony is the wave of the future and is going to change the way you think about making long distance phone calls. You may have heard the word VOIP, but you didn't quite understand what all the excitement was about. Well basically,  VoIP is the transmission of a signal over the internet, it must be changed in to a digital signal, from an analog signal and thats about it a pure digital signal sent via the internet. VOIP technology makes sense in terms of ROI, from both an economic and a scalability aspect. More and more businesses are already installing VoIP systems  as this technology makes its way into our everyday language, our lives, and our homes.

Monday, 10 September 2012 02:00

Voice broadcasting, for a successful business

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Voice Broadcasting is an amazing technological invention which enables companies or individuals to get a custom message recorded automatically and then convey the same message to a list of customer's phone numbers. The user only needs a database of its contacts phone numbers, which it intends to target for the sales or promotion of a product or service. Combining other forms of marketing such as email or paper mailing campaigns followed up with a single phone call can get hundreds of people to know about a particular product in the same day. The voice broadcasting program comes loaded with a manifold of features and options that aid the company in its endeavor.

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