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Hosted predictive dialer services

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A hosted predictive dialer service provides the client with a high performance and efficient automated predictive dialer solution usually with monthly based payments. The dialer is normally made ready for use and supported by the service provider and then delivered to the customer ready to be used within an hour. This technology can greatly increase the productivity or efficiency of the contact center staff. The predictive software has become extremely popular in a short span of time. The predictive dialer is a system that automatically dials a list of phone numbers and this is the secret behind the efficacy of the agents at the call centers. The dialer dials the telephone numbers of the potential customers ahead of the company agents and this enables the company's dial rates to shoot up. With the success of the dialers several platforms are now available in the market. Though the functions of all types of predictive dialers are the essentially the same they differ in terms of delivery methods and architecture.

A hosted predictive dialer is also known as web based predictive dialer. It is software provided as a service model solution offered by some of the well known hosting companies. This dialer solution is actually a normal predictive dialer solution, but it is offered through web hosted interface. Just like the normal service, web based solution dials a list of predefined cell phone and telephone numbers in such a calculated way that it eliminates those calls that are busy, no answer, fax, answering machine, and even those numbers that are enlisted with National Do Not Call Registry. This hosted solution is an ideal and cost effective solution for all call centers as it can efficiently improve their sales and marketing activities.

Predictive dialer-applications allow the call centers to significantly increase revenue and productivity because the software eliminates the time that call agents spend manually dialing numbers and waiting for telephone calls to be answered. This modern technology ensures that agents spend their time in an efficient manner. The system can estimate or predict when an agent is likely to finish his current phone call, and dials using another phone line automatically while the agent is still in conversation. As soon as the agent is available for a call, the dialer software passes the phone call to the agent after the phone call is answered by the client.

With this technology, a huge amount of time is saved courtesy of the lead management feature. This option cleans the dialing list against any state and federal forbidden list, at the same time organizing vital information like callbacks, leads and sales. Predictive dialer-software also allows for better control of the agents in a call center, because the applications allow the call center management to listen to agents at any time, without the agent's knowledge. It is also possible to view the number of calls agents have completed in real time and the total break time each agent has taken in a particular working period.

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Role of the Predictive Dialer in a Call Center

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Today the most important factor for promoting your business or company is advertising that always gives you maximum results. It has never been easy to open a call center and hire agents who have to manually dial numbers, but the predictive dialer has made it easy, comprehensive and a more profitable business. It is a software application that is operated by a computer system to help the call center agent dial the given list of telephone numbers, although it can be an expensive solution, keep in mind that it is an investment in saving time and completing more sales.

When using a predictive dialer, an agent or call center as a whole can make more progress in less time and would be able to get the maximum rate of return of profit. A predictive dialer device has the ability to enhance the productivity, efficiency and performance of the call center or the agent who works from home. In the past when an agent was dialing the numbers manually they might only be speaking to actual clients for approximately 15 minutes. Now, with the use of a predictive dialer it is raised up to 45 minutes per hour which is awesome. The latest software is used to enhance the performance more then 300%. All of this will save time, gaining maximum profit and allow the agents to interact with more customers throughout the workday.

One other great advantage of this technology is that it dials numbers automatically, once you supply the desired phone number list. It reads these numbers and dials by sequence, thus you can save manual dialing time which can also lead to fewer employees needed in your call center. These type of dialers are a cost-effective solution for call centers and also very helpful in increasing sales and advertising efforts.

Here are some of the major and prestigious advantages of predictive dialer software:

1. Filters useless and unproductive calls allowing a call center to enhance profit and improve performance because it can get rid of lost time, spent dialing the numbers manually. This technology makes sure the agents time is spent in a useful way.

2. With the help of this technology you can also save your time by leading management abilities. The “do not call” is an important command which is used to make sure you are not contacting prospects who do not want to be called again.

3. The other big advantage of such an advanced system is you can get feedback from customers quickly and efficiently.

4. A predictive dialer helps to increase per hour sales and thus increase profit.

5. It also helps to control leads. It automatically stores the number once it dials. You just need to use the dial command and it will automatically pick the numbers from memory which is useful.

In the dialing process when the server or dialer starts calling the number, it is the predictive dialer that manages the calls. In a situation where there is no response or silence from other side, the dialer hangs up. Regarding the other calls, the dialer will screen out busy, unanswered, and answering machine calls (optional). You can choose to have only the live calls put through to the agents. As soon as the agent gets connected to a call he can view all the information related to the call on his screen.

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Voice broadcasting, key to a successful business

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Voice broadcasting has proven itself as a major tool in promoting and advertising a business. It allows your message to reach hundreds of people through their phones in an easy and effective way. Easily available in the market, this technology has become popular in promoting businesses. Marketing companies use this technology to promote and sell their products and politicians use this to conduct a campaign or win votes. It has made it possible to reach people within a short period of time that in turns save energy and time.

On average you can expect to see about a 2% return on the calls made by this technology. That may not seem like a huge percentage but you need to think of it in terms of numbers. If your voice broadcasting system is calling 100 people every minute in 5 minutes you may expect to see 20 people get in touch with you for business. That is 10 to 20 customers that you didn't have before, and you should think about it as getting two clients for every minute. That is actually a great return on your venture. Voice broadcasting is a unique technology that you can control the use of in any time zone. You can program the system to adjust for time zones, which means that you can actually increase your customer base to more of a national clientele. Moreover, if your voice broadcasting system runs into calls that are busy or go unanswered it will automatically reschedule the call to ensure that your potential customer is reached.

For a campaign that leaves messages on answering machines or voicemail, the numbers will be significantly lower, because the prospect must have enough interest to write the callback number down, and then call it back, taking much more effort than simply "pressing 1" during a live message. These numbers are impossible for us to track, since the calls back to the broadcaster don't utilize the broadcast system, but marketers who use this method have informed us that the call back ratio is probably one fourth to one third of the live transfer rate for a similar message.

Many companies in the world are offering broadcasting related programs. Intercloud9 is one of the leading providers which offers call center services and solutions. Any businessman can afford this service to run his business successfully. Downloading, recording, saving calls and messages are some of the main aspects of video broadcasting. Most companies normally give introductory offers off certain number of phone calls for free. To get this offer, the company will request the customer to fill out the online application form that asks for some basic details to submit. Some trial versions are also available and we can make use of these to know about the product before purchasing to get some idea on their usage.

Voice broadcasting is the best tool to boost the efficiency and output of a business. Managers are relieved of the tension of making sure their employees are doing the maximum number of calls per day. The no longer have to track each of the contacts in the database of clients. The ideal team of well trained and highly skillful sales executives will be effectively engaged in implementing the objectives and decisions of business policy makers to draw in more business rather than spending time calling customers. This software will take care of dealing with the time wasting calls like no answers, busy, operator intercepts, etc. It also allows an influx of hot leads onto the sales floor in minutes. Thus getting this service will bring remarkable improvement in the efficiency and productivity of sales and the employees will now be interacting with persons who are interested in doing more business.

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The role of voice broadcasting in your business

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When your organization or business needs to make hundreds of important telephone calls on a regular basis, it's time to consider the enormous benefits of voice broadcasting. These systems link computers and telephones via components and software to send voice messages to hundreds, and even thousands of people in a short period of time. Some people shy away from automated calls as intrusive, but in reality, voice broadcasting software has a tremendous value for both businesses and social services.

The major advantage of using voice broadcasting is that you don’t need to hire a lot of people for marketing. You can simply program a system which can be operated with a click of button and it will then send messages to you contact list. It is quite easy to use and it saves an enormous amount of time and money. If the calls are not answered, the program can reschedule calls automatically to be redialed for the dispositions of choice. Voice broadcasting has invoked the technique of multiplication of power and resources. The advantage of using this software lies in the fact that it can make almost limitless calls at the same time within a short timeframe. To make these calls manually in the same time is virtually impossible.

There is not a call center big enough that can reach hundreds of people simultaneously at the same time. Hence this method works as an added advantage when you are about to start your own business. The average return on the calls made through voice broadcasting is about the same as direct mail and has been observed to be approximately one percent. This important percentage counts when the business is new in the industry. Voice broadcasting detects answering machines automatically and can leave the message on the machine or can be programmed to skip over the machine. As always, it is important to follow the rules and regulations of telemarketing.

Voice Broadcasting has gained popularity in recent years for community and commercial ventures. Standard usage includes sending alerts, messages, notifications, product or service upgrades, promotions, events, and much more. The pre-recorded message can easily be dispatched, within seconds. A company using voice broadcasting can have pre-scheduled marketing campaigns that have the messages sent out as needed at any time. Voice Broadcasting has gradually evolved as an effective form of communication, giving a competitive edge to business groups. Many companies also use voice broadcasting to coincide with direct mail, radio, billboard, or television ad campaigns. Nothing gets the word out faster than a message over the phone, and there is no better way to follow up on your other marketing efforts.

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What is a hosted predictive dialer?

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A hosted predictive dialer service provides the client with a high performance and efficient automated dialing solution for telemarketing purposes. The dialer is made available and supported by the service provider and access is delivered to the customer ready to be used online, usually immediately, but could take longer depending on the company. This technology can increase the productivity and efficiency of an entire call center or an individual agent to a great extent. The average talk time of an agent, when manually dialing is 16 minutes per hour, while when this technology is used, it can be increased to 47 minutes per hour. This modern software increases efficiency over 350%. This will result in immense cost savings for any size firm or call center. Taking into account the huge increment in sales and leads (depending on your type of services) due to the increased agent talk time, you can see why auto dialers are gaining so much popularity.

Hosted predictive dialers consist of a more advanced technology than the traditional automatic dialers. In automatic dialers the dialer automatically dials the calls and transfers it to the agents, however it does not screen the call which results in unnecessary wastage of time. This will obviously result in low productivity. A hosted predictive dialer on the other hand, screens the unnecessary calls, and is programmed to predict when the next agent will be available to pick up the next call. It can predict the number of available agents, available lines, average call handling time and various other factors and adjust the flow of the outbound calls accordingly. This measurement delivers a high level of work efficiency to the call centers. This process increases productivity as the agents can spend their time talking to the customers and prospects rather than having to handle the answering machines, busy signals or fax machines.

The information in the contact list along with the telephone numbers is usually stored on the network servers in the call centers. With a hosted predictive dialer the computers of the agents making calls are linked to the network servers which contain the telephone numbers. A software application linked with the predictive dialer is available online to all of the agents. This software application performs the process of dialing for the agents. As soon as the agent receives a call, the software application displays all of the information related to the potential customer on the agent's computer screen, so the agent can begin the conversation accordingly. A predictive dialer automatically predicts and transfers the call to the available agent on the next available line and skips over the no answers, busy signals, answering machines and the fax machines. Only the calls that are desired are transferred to the agent resulting in much more time spent on the phone talking to real contacts.

Another great benefit of using a predictive dialer system is that it can make your call center agents virtual. In other words, your agents can be the part of call center even if they are not physically present at the call center. The agents can work from home or anywhere they have an internet connection. A hosted predictive dialer can lower overhead as you can save money on having an office. As it is a web based solution, managers have full control to keep track of the agents' efficiency and productivity.

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Predictive dialers increase your sales.

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Predictive dialers are among the best tools that a call center has at their disposal. They dial multiple phone numbers from a contact list and direct the calls that connect to a live person to the next available agent. They help companies and firms save tremendous amounts of time. Instead of having a representative sit there and physically dial each number until they find one willing to pick up, a predictive dialer can dial multiple numbers in a short period of time, and connect the good ones to whichever agent is free. There are some positives and negatives to using a predictive dialer, and some definite “do’s and don'ts” businesses should follow.

The predictive dialer monitor is designed to only connect a sales representative/ telemarketer to calls that are answered by a person. It discards any calls that are not answered, have busy signals, disconnected lines, fax machines, or any other form of automated services, and has an option to move past lines picked up by answering machines and voicemails. The predictive dialer saves telemarketers time because they no longer have to manually dial telephone numbers, listen to ring tones or unanswered calls. Thus, a predictive dialer allows a telemarketer to spend more time communicating with customers, time that was once wasted on dialing and waiting for a customer to answer their phone.

Predictive dialer systems have features such as automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and call recording that added a new dimension to the predictive dialer and auto dialer capabilities of this system. The computer telephony software opens this phone system to outside applications and developers. Some predictive dialer systems have an extra edge in efficiency and productivity not available in other dialing systems where the agents have the option at any time during a call to click to “transfer” or “3-way” the call to another agent.

When your agents spend most of their time talking with your prospects or clients they are bound to deliver good results. Predictive dialing assists greatly generating numerous hot leads that gradually results in more profit generation.
The advantages of this software are that it is more inexpensive and has a flexible architecture that works amazingly well in distributed areas and multi-sites. However it has a few disadvantages as well. The old dialers make errors in call classification and some of the older PBXs and are unable to function with the configuration of the soft dialer.

Other types of dialers include the smart predictive dialers, hard dialers, hosted dialers and hybrid dialers. Each of these types has their own set of pros and cons. An organization must everything into consideration before opting for a particular type.

A hosted predictive dialer goes through a series of computer statistical algorithms to make calls, and predicts the availability of agents. It adjusts the calling process in accordance to the number of agents available as calls are connecting to the contact list. The predictive dialer monitors and y predicts the calls it places, taking into account the number of available agents, actual time difference between each answered calls and how longer it takes to answer the call. The dialer moves past calls which are not answered, fax machines, answering machines, busy numbers and disconnected numbers. In short, it only connects the answered calls to the agents. This valuable process saves a huge amount of time for call centers as the agents don't have to dial the calls manually and don't have to wait for calls that aren’t connecting or answering machines.

Predictive dialer-applications allow call centers to significantly increase revenue and productivity rate because the software eliminates the time that call agents spend manually dialing numbers and waiting for telephone calls to be answered. This modern technology ensures that agents spend their time in an efficient manner. The system can estimate or predict when an agent is likely to finish his current phone call, and dials another phone line automatically while the agent is still in conversation. As soon as the agent is available for a call, the dialer software passes the phone call to the agent with the prospect on the line.

The benefit of using such a system is that it has the ability to make your call center agents virtual. In other words, your agents can be the part of the call center even if they are not present at the facility. Hosted predictive dialer technology enables employees/agents to work from any place with an internet connection. The only other required item is a headset. As it is a hosted solution, managers can keep track of the agents' productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, they can immediately get the agents' work reports, even if they are traveling.

Hosted predictive dialers are also known as web based predictive dialers. This dialer solution is actually a normal predictive dialer solution, but it is offered through a web hosted interface. Just like the normal service, web based solution dials a list of predefined cell phone and telephone numbers in such a calculated way that it eliminates those calls that are busy, no answer, fax, answering machine. Some dialers offer the removal of numbers that are enlisted with the National Do Not Call Registry. This hosted solution is an ideal and cost effective solution for call center that can efficiently improve sales and marketing activities. It is Software as a Service model solution offered by some of the well known hosting companies.

With this technology, large amounts of time can be saved courtesy of the lead management feature. This option organizes vital information like callbacks, leads and sales. Some predictive dialer solutions allow for better management of the agents in a call center because the applications allow the call center management to listen to agents at any time, without the agent's knowledge. It is also possible to view the number of calls agents have completed in real time and the total break time each agent has taken in a particular working period.


When seeking to improve a business, executives are constantly in search of better methods of communication with their current and potential customers. They are always looking for ways that can help the business to become more successful. Many have discovered one of the best communicative systems called voice broadcasting. This technology can reach people all over the globe, with the potential for millions of customers to connect with you and has limitless capacity to bring in more work for you. Automated voice broadcasting provides you the ability to blast out outbound phone messages very rapidly, enabling you to substantially boost your sales and efficiency.

The best voice broadcasting systems can transmit messages to thousands of people at the same time. Your pre-recorded message can be played directly to a live person answering the phone or to their voice mail box or answering machine. A few other popular applications include sending a voice message to people informing them of sales promotions, community events, emergency alerts, fundraising, political campaigns and much more. A lot of small and medium size firms employ this technology as a fast and easy solution to get their phone ringing with increased prospective customers, more sales and of course more profitability. Yet unfortunately selecting between the numerous voice broadcasting services and options available on the market is not easy in many cases.

A pre-programmed phone dialer service will send your voice messages and announcements to your phone list of targeted prospective customers, members, clients or community. You can use different messages based on whether it is for a voice mail box or for a live person.

Although the operation of using a phone dialer service is very simple when you use a quality hosted dialer service, the most important factor for achieving success is developing great quality outbound messages. You should take some time in the creation of your message as the messages are truly the keys to success. A number of systems make it possible and easy for you to deliver short or long messages where a live person answering the phone can respond by hitting the touch tone keys on his telephone to execute different options. A popular aspect of voice broadcasting technology is that it makes it possible for a prospect to hit a button where calls are transferred to the live agents to assist the prospect or you can also transfer the calls to an outside third party.

The results of the campaign will be dependent on your message quality and the quality of your list. You should capture the listener's attention with an attractive offer at the beginning of the message. Please keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to get their attention and response. You could say that the message is the heart of voice broadcasting. You should always begin your message with your best and most powerful product or service and the benefit it has for the customer. A voice broadcast message always performs better if it contains a strong call to action. It is necessary to always supply your listener with a persuasive desire to want to hear more. Every sentence in the message should make them want to hear the next sentence.

With the help of a little research, you can track down a high quality, feature-rich and inexpensive voice broadcasting service. By employing a hosted broadcast service, you can get a promotion or campaign started immediately at a surprisingly low cost. There are a variety of broadcasting systems available in the market. Most of these services are available on a per minute basis and the average price varies but is usually only a few cents per minute. Make sure to find out about the billing increments as some charge for the full minute or 30 seconds and some are the lowest at 6 second increments.

This marketing technique provides home business owners and small to medium sized companies the bandwidth and capacity of large call centers. A small one-person shop has the ability to send out thousands of phone messages at a low price and essentially remain competitive with the much larger firms in their particular market. Small businesses can afford these rates that were previously not possible.

Voice broadcasting is a software program that allows you to record a message and then send that message over the phone to thousands of recipients that could be your potential customers. With Voice Broadcasting technology, you can reach thousands of contacts or customers with customized messages within seconds. This technology is not a brand new method of marketing or advertising, but it is a method that has a great level of significance. Using telephone messages with a compelling audio advertisement you can keep in contact with your customers and keep them updated with new services or products. Many marketers have turned to voice broadcasting as an important means for advertising.

The list of benefits of voice broadcasting is long. It is very economical on its own and a very cost effective option to complement other marketing efforts. Voice broadcasting is fast and efficient. You are able to deliver your message immediately, at any time, from any location with internet access. You can often preschedule campaigns that will go out with no effort from your office. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of it. The marketing success stories are great in number, and the results are incredible. If your advertising campaign is looking for a way to reach out to thousands of people in a fast and efficient manner, voice broadcasting is often the best solution.

Voice Broadcasting allows you to invite your customers or distributors to your special events by leaving messages they won't forget. The "personal" invitation they receive through voice broadcasting will dramatically increase attendance to any event. This is a great way to increase attendance at distributor conventions for most network marketing companies that have annual events like Shaklee, Xango, Zrii, Herbal Life, Ameriplan, ITV Ventures.

If you have just started a new business and want to tell your audience about your products or services, then there are several options for you. You can use a printed media advertising campaign. The problem with this is that you have to spend lots of money on print advertising, without any guarantees regarding your return on investment. You have no way of being able to know whether people are reading your messages or not. Even if they are reading your message, most of the times print advertising goes in the trash bin. Similarly, there are also a lot of drawbacks associated with the radio broadcasting and it is very costly. If there is a low budget scenario, then it would not be suitable for you. One more option for your business advertisement is telemarketing. Telemarketing has been used in the advertising industry for more than 30 years. But, there is a drawback to telemarketing. You have to hire employees which will cost you a lot of money because they need to be paid for their time and labor on the phones. Additionally, you have to buy phones, work stations, phone lines, and an office from which your telemarketers can work in. All of this can lead to a large expense.

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